Ways to invest in the precious metal Rhodium?

I am interested in investing in the precious metal Rhodium. I have discovered the RhodiumCoin dot com website of the Cohen Mint and like the coins they offer. Unfortunately at the moment they are priced over double the current market value of the metal. The max premium I have ever paid for a Gold Coin was about 20 to 25% over the spot price of gold and that was only because it was a very old and rare coin. Are there any other ways to invest in Rhodium either through the physical bullion, through stocks in companies with heavy or direct exposure to the Rhodium price, or through something like an ETF with heavy or direct exposure? Cheers!

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where is a good chat or discussion group for “precious metal investing”?

where is a good chat or discussion group for “precious metal investing”

Precious Metal Investing | Gold Silver Investment


Gold seems to have hit a bit of a rut in its rally. After making fresh highs to $1131 on Monday gold has traded lower every day since. It was a slow week for economic data as eyes we pointed to the Initial jobless claims for Thursday and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s semiannual report on monetary policy. After moving higher in the overnight session Monday, gold drifted lower as investors quickly realized profits and covered their positions. We have seen the market; for the first half of the week drift lower and traded $1099-$1121. The US dollar traded higher as weak Euro zone economic data and “dovish” comments from Bank of England officials drove European currencies lower. Consumer confidence fell sharply in the month of February, with the confidence index falling from 56.5 to 46, consumer sentiment deteriorated to the weakest level since April. It seems Americans are getting more and more pessimistic about the labor market after last weeks rise in Initial Jobless claims.

The only satisfactory response that Bernanke gave is that the Fed will keep interest rates low for as long as possible and to reassure Congress that although normalization of monetary policy is underway it may not have a dramatic effect on jobs. Bernanke’s speech was very disappointing to the dollar bulls as the US traded lower against all the major currencies. Metals shot higher as well, the yellow metal reached an intra day high of $1104 before we started to see selling emerge once again. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke did not say anything all that different from the comments he made earlier this month, although Bernanke acknowledged that rates will be raised at some point, he was relatively downbeat about the economy going forward. Lost in the whole speech was the release of the new home sales, which plunged 11.2% in January, which means either people are having a hard time attaining credit or the rise in the initial jobless claims is having a much bigger effect. First time claims jumped for the second week in a row to 496k from 474k, the highest level since November. Two weeks of sharply higher jobless claims raise makes for a very nervous market, especially since economists expected claims to drop. Continuing claims also rose from 4.61M to 4.617Ms.

Another major problem weighing down the markets is the Greece situation it will remain a critical issue that will keep the market gains capped if a definite solution is not found. Gold

turned positive on Thursday after the floor closed with rumors that China is looking to purchase the IMF gold. The talk was found to be credible, although China would only be buying half of the gold. The yellow metal made a quick rally to $1109; of course we could not sustain those gains as once again more selling emerged.

We have made new weekly lows in gold, but again we bounced back. Gold touched $1088 in overnight trade, but with the UK market opening gold quickly found support and traded off of its lows. Gold has made that push higher to $1120; again it is finding resistance at higher levels. Resistance comes in at $1120, $1133, and $1146, with a close above $1162 will almost certainly see the shorts squeezed out of their positions. Support shows at $1088, $1062, $1045.


Silver has followed basically the same pattern as gold. We have seen wild swings in the grey metal over the past week. With the equity markets trading higher for most of the week, silver has pretty much been trading in a range of $15.62-16.43, The metal has at one point this week was outperforming gold. The metal hit $15.62, but had a very nice bounce higher to $16.05 this was in a span of about 20 minutes. This shows that there is plenty of bargain hunting buying on lower levels. The bull camp is making another strong case for the upside, the rise above the prior two sessions highs is also giving the bull camp some technically based buying interest. With the favorable news coming out of China Thursday, bulls may have been given the news they were looking for. However, on the flip side residual turmoil in Greece and the weak US dollar may help the bear camp as well. The gold/silver ratio move lower from its years highs of 71 to current 68.22. Some have said this ratio will determine what the metals will do for 2010. Silver has for the most part lagged behind gold after the major drop to $14.63, for the simple reason that a major drop like what occurred has left investors weary. We have seen the Platinum group metals remain very robust as car sales have picked up for the beginning of the year. This move has helped silver keep its head above water. In the monthly U.S. Treasury report this week, it was announced that China had sold $34.2 billion of Treasuries in December; they must put their money somewhere and traders are surmising that we could see China be big commodity buyers very soon. This will bode well for silver as our view is that we will see the gold/silver ratio coming back to a level of 64-66.

Support comes in for silver at $15.62, $15.30, $15.02. A break of $15.02 leads us to the year’s lows of $14.63 Resistance shows at $16.33, followed by $16.62. A close above $16.33; which would mean a higher close than last week is very positive for the silver bulls. This would take us back to $16.62. We remain bullish on all things shiny and precious, both for the intermediate term and the longer term
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Precious Metal Investments – Gold, Silver, Platinum And Palladium

It should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody seasoned in the world of precious metal investments that we’ve been seeing some strong showings for all metals well into 2009.

This of course comes off of the boost we saw in the market throughout 2008 when, for a few brief moments, gold actually pierced the thousand-dollar barrier for the first time in years.

It should come as no surprise to anyone holding precious metal investments and it should come as no surprise to anyone who reads a newspaper now and then. As is usually the case, these boosts we’ve been seeing are largely thanks to high demand for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. That demand comes largely thanks to the recession.

It’s a bit unfortunate that it takes a recession for most investors to get into precious metal investments, but at least they’re getting into metals in the first place.

Of course, luckily, many of us were quick enough to notice the downward trends in the economy and jump into precious metal investments before the value of the dollar became a problem. Even luckier, many were already involved in metals well before the first signs of trouble.

While these rushes for metal in times of strife is, of course, a good thing, the point of precious metal investments really is that they serve as an insurance policy against times like these. Protecting yourself in any context is a good idea, but it’s generally better to be prepared than caught unawares.

While we are still smack dab in the middle of the most serious economic crisis in decades, the good news is that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Many are disappointed that Barack Obama did not, somehow, have a magical overnight solution for the economy, but as we’ve seen, the problems with the economy cannot be blamed entirely on this or that presidential administration, but rather, on trends, patterns and tendencies within the economy that have been going unchecked for years. So of course, new leadership offers no quick fix, however, the economy is at the top of the list of priorities for the current administration and we’ll have to wait and see what can be done about all this.

In the meantime, hold onto your precious metal investments through this and the next recession.

This won’t be the last financial crisis the US ever faces and it won’t even be the worst. It is simply the one we’re dealing with right now. The tendency is for people to believe that a recession is something of a freak occurrence, the sort of thing that only happens after a few very bad years. The fact is that this recession has been creeping up on us since the early nineties.

Even should the recession end tomorrow, that doesn’t mean we won’t have another situation like this one to deal with a decade, or even just a few years down the road. Hold onto your precious metal investments and be ready when that happens.

Learn more about precious metal investments with www.Precious-Metal.org and receive your free “2009 Insider’s Guide To Gold, Silver And Platinum Investing.”

Is it possible to invest in 401k using precious metal commodity?

With the news of uncertainty about the state of financial market in terms of stability, and when it does hit the market hard, the banks facing the catastrophe will not allow withdrawal of cash from the individual and business accounts, will the holding of precious metal in the deposit of the trustworthy holder (mutual fund company or other) allow APY (annual percentage yield) in compound interest on precious metal and jewelry (lucrative gems & rare minerals) holding depending on the current market demand for precious metals (fine gold, silver, platinum, etc)? Or does compound interest apply only to paper currency in saving and investment?

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Opinion On Precious Metal Investing?

What is your opinion on investing in precious metals mutual funds such as in gold and silver. I think precious metals will grow long term and also short term. I recently invested $1000 into the RBC Global Precious Metal Fund just want your opinion on where you think it is headed. It is a risky investment but even if it takes a big loss like 20% its only $200 and I’m only 19 so I have a long term time period. Thanks.

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