Health, Covid-19, Protecting Yourself and Those You Care For

Interview of Professor and Doctor Ian Lipkin of His Experiences as a Covid-19 patient and what you need to protect yourself.

On this week in Virology we have a great interview with Professor and Doctor Ian Lipkin. It’s great to hear a respected professional who not only has experience as a COVID-19 patient but also a doctor who has worked worldwide solving virus problems. He has extensive real life experience in China.

There is a lot of false and misleading information on the Internet about the origin of the Covid-19 virus. Scientists say that dna sequencing definitely rules out the possibility that it was man made constructed in a biolab. Competing conspiracy theories say it is a virus that was engineered in China and released accidentily. Others say it was engineered by US scientists and released in China to cripple the Chinese. Others say it was being developed by US pharmacutical scientists to make a big announcement at an important upcoming conference and make a bid profit.

Most critical thinkers who analyse the situation do not fall for these false conspiracy theories but follow what the scientific data tells them. 

This interview of Doctor Ian Lipkin talks of his own experiences as a Covid-19 patient but also his experiences as a respected virologist who was working in China. He was following the protective protocols that China found to be effective such extensive testing and wearing personal protective gear such as masks. The interessting thing for our viewers at to know is that he did not catch COVID-19 in China, he did not even catch it when he came back to the United States and continued to wear a mask. He caught Covid-19 once he started to appear on the Media and the required that he not wear a mask. In those situations he was in close proximity to other media personalities who were also not wearing masks. He was receiving his make-up for the cameras 

The important point for us today is how do we effectively protect ourselves and the ones we care for and our fellow US citizens. The faster we can all recover the faster the economy will recover.

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