Coming Bond Market Collapse

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Coming Bond Market Collapse

Protect Your Portfolio From the coming Bond Market collapse. Ted Sudol interviews Michael Pento at http://www/ Record debt and prolonged low interest rates are leading to a Bond Market Collapse. Michael Pento is the author of The Coming Bond Market Collapse: How to Survive the Demise of the U.S. Debt Market. He correctly predicted the housing bubble. You need to protect your portfolio and assets. Know what to do and when. Precious metals are one of the safest investments in times of turmoil and stock market risk.He correctly predicted the housing bubble. In this wide ranging interview Michael explains why he feels the coming bond market collapse is inevitable. He also explains how to protect your investments and portfolio. The precious metals he feels are a safe haven in the coming collapse and will do very well for people who invest in them.

Mr. Pento is a well-established specialist in the Austrian School of economics and a regular guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, FOX Business News and other national media outlets. Find out more about the services and products Michael offers by visiting his resource page here at Micheal Pento's Resource Page. Michael is the founder and president of Pento Portfolio Strategies, LLC. Pento Portfolio Strategies which uses a proprietary macroeconomic and technical analysis. Visit his web site at Past investment performance is not indicative of future results. Advisory services offered through Pento Portfolio Strategies, LLC , a registered investment advisor. Securities are cleared and assets are held through Schwab Institutional Services.

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The Coming Bond Market Collapse: How to Survive the Demise of the U.S. Debt Market

Oil Boom Oil Bust Debt Problems

Oil Boom Oil Bust Debt Problems

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Ted Sudol interviews Paul Mladjenovic at about the energy sector. The oil boom fueled a lot of debt. Energy companies that pile on debt are now having problems servicing that debt. Saudi Arabia produced at high levels to cause difficulty for high cost producers like the shale oil producers. They now are forced to pump at high levels and low oil prices for revenue to meet their people's needs. Add the nuclear deal with Iran which ends the sanctions and allows them to sell oil into a market that is already glutted. Now you have too much capacity chasing a diminishing world demand as the world's economy slows. There are tankers full of oil idling offshore in search of a place to store their oil but the oil tanks on land are already filled to capacity.

Paul Mladjenovic, a frequent guest here on is the author of Precious Metals Investing for Dummies, Stock Investing for Dummies and his new book is High Level Investing for Dummies.

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High Level Investing For Dummies

High Level Investing For Dumnmies

Paul Mladjenovic, a frequent guest here at and author or Precious Metals Investing For Dummies and Stock Investing For Dummies has just published a new book in the Wiley series High Level Investing For Dummies.

This book includes information Paul wasn't able to include in Stock Investing for Dummies. Strategies such as Options, Inverse ETFs that allow investors to build wealth in both bull and bear market. Learn how the greats in investing have made money. As we have discussed here at 2016 has already proven in January, your prediction that 2016 will prove to be a difficult and dangerous investing environment. You say that some of the investing strategies make it almost easier to profit in a bear market. I'm sure our views her will want to learn how to do that. This book is aimed at and investing audience that has some familiarity with basic stock market investments and is ready to learn some more advanced investing techniques.

One of the chapters that I found particularly fascinating was the chapter where Paul talks about the legendary investors throughout history and the profitable investing advice their strategies teach us.

High Level Investing For Dummies

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Debt Collapse

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Debt Collapse

Debt Collapse is in the news today with the default of Puerto Rico on it's debt. That follows other government debt crises like the Greek debt Crisis. This audio is the third part in our crisis series that was originally posted in a video you can find here at You can still find that video on the site but many of our viewers wanted a way to get precious metals investing tips on the go. Let me know what you think.

In this audio interview Paul Mladjenovic, author of Stock Investing for DummiesStock Investing For Dummies Talks about corporate, government, and personal debt crises. As Paul says if there is a debt collapse and the borrower does not pay back what is owed the entity like a government still survives it the country just doesn't disappear. What happens is the lender has to write off the debts and there are consequences. Many of those government bonds that are being written off are being held in retirement accounts. So of course that affects the yield on retirement funds that are paying millions of people. Or those debts are being held by banks and as in the case of Greece they have a buy-in which means they take money from their depositors accounts. Or again as in Greece the government imposes austerity measures which affects the like of millions of their citizens.

It always seems that the banks, hedge fund managers, stock brokers that made these risky bets that failed don't pay. It is always the citizens that pay. Governments don't produce any money - they spend other people's money. They may make it appear that the debt't are being paid through various "stimulus" methods such as the QE programs where trillions of dollars of new money are created out of thin air by simply making some changes in the digital digits on some computers. But the tremendous inflation of the money supply means that the value of each individual dollar is decreased. So some lenders are paid back - but they are paid back in dollars that are only worth a fraction of what they once were worth. Since 1903 the value of a dollar, in terms of real buying power, has lost 97% of its value.

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New Year’s Eve & What’s Ahead

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New Year's Eve & What's Ahead

Did You have a Great New Years Eve? Were you at a New Year's Eve Celebration or watching the ball drop at Times Square in NYC. Whether you were at a celebration or at home watching it on TV I'd like to wish all of the visitors here to a happy holiday season and happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

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Enjoy yourselves this New Years Eve if you are out celebrating. But stay safe. From all of us here at we wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

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Fed Rate Hike and Your Future

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Fed Rate Hike

and Your Future

What will the Fed Rate Hike mean for the stock market and precious metals

The Fed Rate Hike has been in the news lately. Some commentators think that there won't be any effects. They say the rate hike is a measure of the strength of the recovery. Other commentators feel that the economy is still weak and this will start a cascade of negative effects. In this audio interview at I talk with Paul Mladjenovic, author or Stock Investing For Dummies, on what he thinks it means for the stock market, the precious metals market and the future for investors.

I don't know if you feel as I do that a drop of the stock market of over 300 points negates the argument that there won't be any effects and I think that we will see increasing economic repercussions.

One of the reasons it is wise to invest in the precious metals is for diversification We have seen how some of the junk bond funds have told their investors lately that they can't get their money out. That has made other investors in junk bond funds nervous and has lead to some big withdrawal numbers.

Paul quoted the old investment saying "The only thing better than return on your money is the return of your money." In many ways the highly leveraged debt is like a game of musical chairs. When the music suddenly stops the investor who has not diversified and has protected himself loses.

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Richard Maybury on War, Currency Debasement, Precious Metals Investing & more

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Richard Maybury

Discusses War, Currency Debasement, Precious Metals Investing,and Geopolitics

Richard Maybury is one of the world's top free market thinkers and in this wide ranging interview at we talk about investing, war, politics and precious metal investing. Richard's long term view is not in terms of years but decades. The two things you can depend upon that politicians and governments give us you can use to guide your investments are War and Currency Debasement.

Richard talks about the geopolitical situation are now in and how we got here.

Richard is the author of 22 books including The Great Monetary Calamity series. One of his book series, the Uncle Eric books, are written in the form of letters written from a favorite uncle to his nephew. One of Mr. Maybury's greatest strengths is his ability put financial concepts, monetary concepts, and geopolitical concepts in terms that are clear and easy to understand.

The Early Warning Report, Richard's Newsletter, has been read by government officials, the CIA and individual investors. You can find more information and a sample newsletter at

There are two things you can always depend on politicians and governments to create that you can use to guide your investments - War and Monetary Debasement. History has shown governments always return to War and Monetary Debasement and you are relatively save basing your long term investment strategy on them. To forecast what investments will do you need to forecast what governments wll do. Richard shows you the strategy that has been doing very well for them for the past 20 years.

Precious metals have enduring value because they can't be created by simply switching on the government printing press. In fact today it doesn't even take that much effort to debase the currency - all it takes today is some manipulation of the computer digital digits.

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Silver Wheaton Interview with CEO Randy Smallwood

Silver Wheaton

Interview with CEO Randy Smallwood

Randy Smallwood - Silver Wheaton's CEO

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Silver Wheaton is the largest silver streaming company in the world. Randy is one of the founders of Silver Wheaton, joined them full time in 2007 and quickly rose through the company to become CEO in 2011.

Silver streaming is one of the best ways to invest in precious metals and participate in the rise of silver while limiting the risks.

In this wide ranging interview at learn about how the company grew to be the largest silver streaming company in the world bypassing several other streaming companies.

Randy shares the business plan and philosophy that fueled this growth. Learn how Silver Wheaton selects its assets and limits its exposure to risk.

Silver Wheaton's stock price (stock symbol slw) is now below its high price reflecting the low prices in the precious metals markets. However Randy talks about the company's plans to enhance slw stock price through finding and signing more top quality streaming agreements.

He talks about the streaming agreements with Barrick Gold Corporation and the silver stream from Glencore's Antamina mine.

Silver Wheaton allows its shareholders to participate in the rise of silver and gives back to its shareholders 20% of the profits in the form of dividends.

Learn some of Randy's thoughts about the future of Silver Wheaton and the precious metals.

For more information about Silver Wheaton and Randy please go to

Always consult with your own financial adviser before making any investments. Investments may not be suitable for your situation. The information presented here is believed to be accurate and should not be considered as investment advice.

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Pension Dangers Part 2

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Pension Dangers Part 2

Pension Dangers Part 2 - This is the second part in a two part interview at on pension dangers and investing in precious metals. Ted Sudol interviews Paul Mladjenovic author of Stock Investing For Dummies and Precious Metals Investing For Dummies

Paul talks about some of the impending dangers to those investors who have a significant portion of their investment portfolio invested in pension vehicles and the importance of diversifying your investment portfolio by investing in precious metals. In this second part of the two part services on pension dangers Paul focuses on municipal pensions. Paul contrasts the budgeting processes of individuals who must balance their budgets with governments who make future promises and obligations. In many cases those promises and obligations that people based their future financial health on are coming due and the politicians are saying there is no money. This is adversely affecting both the people that depended upon pensions that are in jeparody and those whose investment portfolio include investments in pension vehicles.

If you want more information about Paul go to his resource page here at
Or click on one of the images below to get his books.
Stock Investing For Dummies
Precious Metals Investing For Dummies

Build your Personal Safety Net

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Pension Dangers & Precious Metals Investing

Pension Dangers & Precious Metals Investing

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In this audio interview Ted Sudol talks with Paul Mladjenovic at Paul speaks about Pension Dangers & Precious Metals Investing. He talks about the impending dangers that may face you in your pension investments and the vital role precious metals should play in your investment strategy. Paul says for a lot of people whose investment portfolio is in pensions they may be facing zero or part of their account may be facing zero.

Paul says the wealthiest people who have survived tough times like this have always invested in portable wealth like gold and silver.

When the pension issues are revealed and things start to unravel Paul feels that many jurisdictions will be facing bankruptcy. But for investors once your identify the problem you are half of the way there to protecting yourself from what may occur.

This is part 1 of a two part interview on Pension Dangers and Precious Metals Investing.

Paul is the author of both Stock Investing For Dummies and Precious Metals Investing For Dummies

Go to Paul's Resource page here at for more information about Paqul and the services he offers.