“10 Rules for SILVER Investing” – David Morgan

This video from David Morgan “10 Rules for SILVER Investing” is still as true today as it was when David recorded it. Timeless wisdom that will help you get started investing in silver.

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14 thoughts on ““10 Rules for SILVER Investing” – David Morgan”

  1. @DayTraderBiH
    8. A little information can mean a lot more dollars.
    9. Collecting silver is an art- but not really an investment.
    10. What percentage is the correct amount?

  2. @hopelesswait Ten Rules of Silver Investing
    1. Why silver, Why Now?
    2. Start small- keep it simple.
    3. Boost the buying power of your dollars with mining shares.
    4. Dollar – cost average to lower your costs – and increase your discipline.
    5. Do not get a raw deal from your dealer.
    6. What’s yours is yours – so keep it that way.
    7. Silver speculation’s like cough syrup- good in small doses– But too much can make your portfolio sick.

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  4. @KDashPerfect Do you know how to use a handgun? If not, may I suggest a Remington 870 shotgun? For under $400, you get a perfect Bad weapon, easy to use and dependable. Plus the ammo to go with it.

    Silver guns? Of couse they exist. They were made for the Nobility back then and cost a fortune now.

  5. @Trapster99
    Ok thanks. I will keep stacking for sure. But my next salary is probably going to go on a gun … maybe a silver gun ? Does that exist ?

  6. @KDashPerfect It just means that your Eagles were produced at the West Point Mint. Silver is silver, keep stacking and best of luck.

  7. ETF's ?? Mining Shares ..? Junk Silver …
    If you didn't talk about barter in the same video I would have never made a comment .
    If a dollar collapse(revaluation) did happen .. Wouldn't the ETF's and Mining shares become trash?
    If I had the choice between mining shares and a graded PCGS or NGC coin , I'd buy the coin.

  8. I can understand why he said don't watse time buying silver jewerly and collectibles but there is nothing wrong with buying graded coins because those coins are going to be worth so much more in the near future. I wish all the coins I have are graded coins. 

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