25 thoughts on “70 lbs of Apmex Silver Bullion, 100oz bars”

  1. I wouldnt tell anyone in your neighborhood you have that LOL! If it hits the fan I hope you have enough Ammo to fend off the starving masses of sheep!

  2. @sigmundphreud
    I have a cousin who killed a man in self defense when he was trying to rob his home. He spent $89,000 in legal fees trying to stay out of jail and fighting lawsuits.

  3. Ummm…. I, uh, think, uh, I, uh, just, uh, did something unspeakable in my drawers when he took out the first bar. And I have to say “only 1000oz’s”!!!! Ya right ONLY 1000 oz’s???! I’d kill to have started out with 1000 oz’s. Then again, I’m still young, but still!!

  4. A word to the wise – DONT buy large bars like these. You want small denominations to be able to be cashed easily and the rest remain appreciating in value. These are WAY to big. Don’t buy anything larger than 10 or 20 oz. I am getting lots of rolls of 1oz coins – maples, koalas and kookaburras as well as 1966 aussie 50 cent coins. Nothing big or else it eats into your investment.

  5. Only propblem I see is you are going have to pay taxes if Silver goes through the roof. Any sale you make over 10,000 has to be reported to the IRS which can also lead to possible consfication too.

  6. Holy smoke, thats a fine collection, i just got 210 oz at the moment,looks nowhere as good as your collection. Amazing! Wait for it to explode in price, i am more than confident that this will happen, anyone who does not own some physical silver industrial grade 999 must be crazy!! Lets face it money earning nothing in the bank & silver has doubled in the past five years, buy some for the long term & i dont think you can fail. Dont expect to make a fortune overnight, buy for the future.

  7. The Third Reich produced millions of 90% silver bullion coins. Each Nazi 5 Reichsmark coin weighed 13.88 g and contained exactly 12.5 g of fine silver. Almost half an ounze of silver in each coin. These coins are still readily available today! And besides their inherant value as silver bullion, they are also genuine Third Reich collectables thus adding to their value!

  8. The fed is bringing back a gold standard! I couldn’t believe it when I heard it! 90% of usd is overseas so they are under intense pressure from the whole world. Gold may only be set at $300 an ounce and there will be zero inflation/deflation. Silver is used in industry so I imagine the price will soar when the value is reset against gold. Check my silver vids

  9. Thats a lot of bling bro. Make sure you get some coins too. Love to see Americans aware of what real money is.

  10. Fat stacks, yo! Ever watch that crazy show? lol

    Anyway, I just got started myself with 100 oz. Someday I’ll be rich like you. 😉

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