Alarm Bells Ringing For Stock Markets, Gold and Silver Capitulation – Mike Maloney

In this video Mike Maloney shows two charts illustrating capitulation in the gold and silver markets is here. This at the same time that complacency and greed in the stock markets are at all time highs. What is interesting is that his chart shows this same setup in the gold and silver markets in 2007 right before the explosion upward in the gold and silver markets starting in 2008. Mike believes the correction is going to be vicious and the explosion in the gold and silver prices is going to be dramatic.

Mike Maloney next looks at the volatility charts which shows investors are not pricing risk into their stock investing. Stock market investors believe everything is fine and will continue to be fine. The last time the volatility index was this low was in 2007 right before the stock market correction and the dramatic rise in gold and silver prices beginning in 2008.

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15 thoughts on “Alarm Bells Ringing For Stock Markets, Gold and Silver Capitulation – Mike Maloney”

  1. I see a lot of conformation bias here.
    High stockmarket and low vix also occur when business conditions are extremely good. You have a very pro business President so it's no wonder why we are seeing this situation. It will likely last for years and gold will only rally when inflation/interest rates take off.

  2. Good Video Mr. Maloney. The flip side of that story though about the trader saying "no one has conviction" could mean we're still at a stage where everyone is doubting this bull market in stocks.  Which means we're not even close to euphoria yet in this stock market bull when everyone is throwing caution to the wind and buying buying buying.  That is when bull markets typically peak.  Not when everyone is still doubting.  This doubting could actually bode well for the stock market for the time being.

  3. Tough for the stock market to crash when central banks are printing money to buy stocks to keep it propped up.

  4. Notice the powers that be are discrediting gold and silver. A lot of media lately how gold and silver is being faked and having Titanium inside the bars. I though prices would go towards junk metals but not fake metals. Another way to push towards crypto

  5. Victor He Weinan

    Thanks for the tremendous values you are bringing to us Mike. Just a quick question – would you recommend investing in Gold ETF like SPDR Gold Trust? Thanks.

  6. Add some LTC to the mix and we got a propper physical & crypto Gold and Silver stack !!! 🙂
    Lets take on these bankster munchers !!! 🙂

  7. mmm…I agree – its when people feel most secure that crap hits the fan and they end up screwed !!!
    BTC, Gold, Silver…Silver, BTC, Gold…Silver, Gold, BTC… Gold, Silver, BTC… 🙂 long term, don't matter which order, its the end result that matters !!! 🙂
    Cheers Mike – yr a legend !!! 🙂 I love "The Hidden Secrets Of Money" – frickin awesome !!! 🙂

  8. Michael Landfair

    Buy silver to protect and store your wealth. Buy silver by purchasing Silvertoken™ and store them securely for free. Use silvertokens, and the value rises with each transaction. And, when the price of silver rises, so do your silver tokens. Launching October 25 at 9:00 EST.

  9. Hi Mike,
    Should I buy physycal gold or silver at the current time? I saw some other videos from you and the you say that "silver is the biggest opportunity of the century". I would by silver from that perspective but I want you advice.
    Thanks in advance!

  10. I've been thinking about Crypto currencies and if that could be the trigger this time. Mostly people with little money and no experience have invested loads of money (as a group) into this phenomenon and when they realize that there is no actual value in these Cryptos, the market will crash violently. These are not your usual investors, who lose money they can afford losing – these people will lose money they actually need and that could start riots, which in turn could disrupt also the stock market.
    – We will see! Hopefully I will have time to sell all my BTCs before the crash! 🙂

  11. That is about to happen 1971 it is about to happen 1980 is about to happen 1985 it is about to happen 1995 there's about to happen 2007 it is about to happen 2016 is about to happen 2017 while maybe 2018 well maybe 2020 it is about to happen

  12. Gold is a shitty buy it can be sold naked short in the paper markets. Let’s be honest here no one wants actual gold it’s hard to deal with and illiquid in its physical form and paper gold has massive counter party risk as its massively sold naked short. On the other hand bitcoin can be owned directly in a wallet thus no counter party risk, is divisible, globally transferable, limited in supply and very liquid.

  13. All I know is that I could have been up 18 percent this year in my 401k but went to cash due to the so called impending doom we were supposed to have. When will be the day that the doom and gloomers throw in the towel and capitulate ?

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