Alasdair Macleod – Gold & Silver Short Squeeze Will Send Prices Higher

Alasdair Macleod – Gold & Silver Short Squeeze Will Send Prices Higher.

This is a great interview with Alasdair Macleod. Alastair explains the precious metals market manipulation by the bullion banks. However Alastair believe there is a gold and silver short squeeze that will send precious metals prices a lot higher. He thinks this squeeze will cause a bigger spike.

One of the ways to depress the precious metals prices is to expand the supply. You can’t expand the physical supply of precious metals but you can expand the paper supply. This is basically what the futures markets do.

Alastair shows how the the timing of the depression of precious metals is proof that manipulation is occurring.

Gold is the only form of money that has endured. History and empirical evidence shows the proof of this.

Governments like to expand the money supply by printing money out of thin air. That is one of the reasons that governments are vitally interested in suppressing the price of gold.

This fraudulent activity will eventually lead to big problems for the government.

Alastair was asked about what effect he believes the Trump presidency will have on the precious metals. He said what you actually have to look at is the way the economy is behaving. The economy has been doing relatively well although there are problems.

Trump will spend money on infrastructure and cut taxes. That will expand the debt. Alastair believes that will lead to a much higher rate of price inflation than anyone believes.

Prices will get bid up. The timing of Trumps policies are very bad and will lead to serious price inflation.

Alastair talks about a web site Make Money Great Again. It is a petition to be submitted to Donald Trump asking that gold and silver may be freely used as money alongside the US dollar.

Muslim change in Sharia law that now makes investing in gold and silver Sharia compliant. The change put gold into the same category as other staples that are considered essential to life. This is access to a new 1.7 billion people market.

This will spread the use of sound money.

This tremendous increased demand has been estimated by some analysts at 500 tons.

Fiat currency has gone down in some areas by 99.5%. If you are a Muslim how do you save to a pilgrimage to Mecca if you are saving in a fiat currency that is constantly decreasing in value. It makes sense to save in gold which had maintained its value for thousands of years.

China is stockpiling precious metals and other raw materials. Their enormous One Belt, One Road infrastructure project will require a tremendous amount of raw materials. The price of raw materials

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