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Owning physical gold gives you the feeling owning your own personal treasure. American Gold Eagle Coins provide a trustworthy way of owning physical gold bullion as it is minted and backed by the US government. The American Eagle coin is also available in platinum and silver, and were primarily released in 1986. The exclusive design of “Lady Liberty” was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and was originally released on coins from 1907 until 1933. The design was re-released in 1986.

These coins have been prepared by using the mint and are sold as proof coins. This thoroughly states that these coins are passed though a special arrangement, that is, they are manually passed through a press which has been incorporated with special dyes. To check the purity of these coins, white gloved inspectors inspect them. They are then given the “Certificate of Authenticity” and positioned into a plush satin lined velvet case.

The Unites States guarantees the weight, content and purity. With a limited amount produced, these quickly become collector’s items. Although these coins are orignally only available through United States Mint there are plenty of other dealers who sell them. The silver and platinum coins are only produced in one size of one ounce. To ensure that any of the American Gold Eagle coins that you buy are realbe sure they come with the Certificate of Authenticity. These uncirculated coins are specially made at the West Point United States Mint, and therefore have a “W” mintmark. American Gold Eagle coins marked uncirculated must, by law, be produced in quantities that will meet public demand. Because of this, current production has been suspended as the mint cannot meet demand. When the mint is once again able to meet demand the program will be restarted.

Formerly during the time period of 1986, only silver and gold coins were produced and marketed by the mint. Platinum was added in 1997. Since all these coins are made by hand they are labeled as “proof”. These sparkling coins are placed manually into the presses. These American Eagle Gold Proof coins and can be obtained in 1, 1/2, ¼, and 1/10 oz increments. Sets that include single coin of each value are also sold by the mint.

Out of the two sides of the American Gold Eagle Coins, the “Lady Liberty” design is on the front whereas the backside shows the family of eagles. As stated in the law, these coins should be made by utilizing he gold that is found in the United States. During any period, these coins can be traded in the gold market for the same price of spot gold.

Gold eagles that were minted from 1986 to 1992 are dated using Roman numerals, while those minted after 1992 were dated using Arabic numbers. All coins produced have an identical design to the 1 troy ounce. The only difference will be on the reverse where it will be indicated what the weight of the coin is, as well as its face value.

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