13 thoughts on “APMEX – The Gold Standard in Precious Metal Trading”

  1. @marinello6 Check out the “selling” section on the FAQ page of our site… it should tell you everything you need to know about selling to APMEX. Thanks!

  2. @MYAR15SaysImFree – Check out the FAQ section of our site, specifically the section about shipping. It should clear up any questions you may have about our shipping methods and costs.

  3. I just placed my first order with APMEX. I can’t wait till it arrives!! I’ll be like a little kid on Christmas morning! 😀

  4. MYAR15SaysImFree

    The only thing I dont like is the steep shipping prices. I paid 15 bucks for the shipment of 4 1oz rounds. It almost cost me an oz to mail 4. Alot of places have a $6 shipping fee, no matter how much you buy. But Apmex has some beautiful rounds.

  5. Good news! From the APMEX (dot com) FAQ:

    “Yes. We currently are now shipping to both the United States and to Canada . Our standard shipping rates will apply to all orders. However, there will be an additional International Shipping Surcharge of $10.00 (USD) on any orders being delivered outside of the United States.”

    Let ‘er rip! =^[.]^=

  6. Great to see an updated vid on your company!

    I also love getting free market alert emails on price moves in precious metals. =^[.]^=

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