Bitcoin, Precious Metals, Trump’s March Towards War, Tax Scam – Gerald Celente

Bitcoin is in the news. Lots of commentators are saying Bitcoin is a fad like “Tulip Mania” and will implode. Gerald feels otherwise he feels Max Kaiser was the first one to predict 10,000 Bitcoin. Bitcoin Bounce – Gerald believes Bitoin is a trend not a Fad.

Gerald brings out his famous bullshit alarm button. He believes Trump’s Tax Plan is Bullshit for the middle class, or to be more accurate Trump’s tax plan in Gerald’s words is “Trumpshit”

The primary benefits of the tax cut are the top 1% It is projected that the tax scam plan will hurt the middle class./

According to reports Gerald says the republican party is pivoting to cut welfare.  What about corporate welfare? What about the military industrial complex welfare? How about Trump giving welfare to the corporations in this tax cut?

The tax cuts for corporations are not gong to build economic growth as republican and Trump claimed. But the money from the tax cuts not going to capital improvements but is being funneled into stock buybacks like the 4 Billion Dollar stock buyback by MasterCard. “Make those Rich Cats Richer” “The bigger get bigger.

This is not capitalism this is Fachism. There are different rules for the elite. There are different rules for the corporate elete and the top 1% elite.

Gerald believes Trump’s move of the Israeli capital is one part in the the Trump march towards war and a declaration towards war.

Fires in California

Sexual Abuse news and more.

Gerald always  calls the Trends as he sees it. The original release of this video was 12/06/2017  For more from Gerald go to Gerald Celente’s  YouTube channels are”Gcelente” & “TrendsJournal”.

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10 thoughts on “Bitcoin, Precious Metals, Trump’s March Towards War, Tax Scam – Gerald Celente”

  1. The fires in California? I saw a fire go through a town in Italy. When it was over only the trees were gone but the homes were still there. In USA only the chimneys still stand. what a joke. USA needs to do two things, 1) Stop building houses out of wood so that you don't burn your asses. 2) Put a bidet in your bathrooms so that we don't have to scratch our asses

  2. Hey would anyone be interested in coming together and starting a cryptocurrency investment club all members would be required to invest 100.00 a month that world be invested in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in hopes to get a return on the investment

  3. without a military industrial complex who is going to fight pirates,ISIS,terrorists,maoists,anarchists, communists,rebels,guerillas, dud lords,etc etc. ???It won't be old pricks like Celente

  4. tax cuts do nothing to spread inequality it is the business class that is able to establish oligopoly in the economy and tax cuts allow other weather individuals to enter established fields to break up these monopolies and bring some competition

  5. Kelly Wes Kirkconnell

    If Gerald did not think and say that Churches should be taxed ;The Powers that be would of removed him already.

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