Bond Market Bubble – Audio Version

Bond Market

Bubble – Audio Version

Some of the visitors here at prefer to get their precious metal investing tips in audio form so they can listen while doing other activities. You asked and we listened. Here is the audio version of the video Bond Market Bubble we just published. Let me know which version you prefer. Send an email to

In today’s volatile stock market some people look to bonds as a safer alternative investment. But is it? Ted Sudol and Paul Mladjenovic, author of Stock Investing For Dummies discuss bond advantages and bond dangers. Because of the low interest rates some people are considering lesser quality bonds often referred to as “junk bonds.” Often time that is an appropriate nickname. For any of you who saw the movie The Big Short you got a taste of what happens when underlying assets can’s support the paper that supposedly represents them.

Bonds carry counter party risk. You are only holding a piece of paper. A paper claim on the underlying asset. What happens when that company, city government, state government, or even country government can’t support the bonds they have issued. What happens when one of these organizations declares bankruptcy?

We think it is a good investment strategy to diversify your investments and part of that diversification should be investments in precious metals. If you are investing in the physical precious metals like bullion, silver eagles, gold eagles, silver maple leaf bullion coins you are also diversifying yourself away from counter party risk.

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