Buying and Investing in Silver Bullion, Save yourself from Inflation In this video I go over the different silver I have and why I got into silver eagles with silver snowball, I seriously believe that silver is the ONLY way to go to not only protect your money but also make you ALOT of money when inflation or even hyperinflation hits….

25 thoughts on “Buying and Investing in Silver Bullion, Save yourself from Inflation”

  1. Fellas,

    If you would, can you provide a website so I can real silver instead that fake stuff from China that you mentioned.


  2. For Expert Commentaries on Gold, Silver and other commodity investing check out Industry Watch on EvenKeelMedia ‘s channel

  3. @nashnosh totall agree… I have only 1, 5 and 10ounce silver bars and rounds..
    also easier to sell when the time comes

  4. @Seano71 ‘creams jeans’…. silver sound is amaaaaazing. It’s the sound metal makes when it says “fuck you government! I’m not taking your lies anymore!”

    I am always trying to teach young teens about being suspicious of the banking system and the government. Get them thinking and buying real ounces of gold and silver. I say buy it and hold it kids. You will thank me when you can retire at 35 years old. But when you sell those oz’s thank them as they pass your hands.

  5. @sniper4usmc Of course..making silver into pure form requires man hours! Nobody works for free, nor should they! pay that premium I say! Pay it now or miss out for the sake of a few cents of penny pinching!
    Not saying you are like this at all, but I see so many people whinging that they can’t buy silver at spot price. I hope they keep whinging and talk themselves out of buying it. Then I can laugh at them when they are destitute. THEN they will have something to REALLY complain about!! Hilarity!

  6. @Rayner1234 More of a propensity to increase more rapidly in the next decade. Silver is industrially used much more than gold. the supply dwindles to scary levels, prices skyrocket and those who have it say ‘yay’ I will now buy that farm I have always wanted and never have to work again. Gold is driven more by the printing of money- more money = higher gold price and vice versa. We pretty much have all the gold we started with. Whereas silver is depleting..FAST.

  7. @peacock80000 Hey bud, you can buy silver online but you usually overpay if you buy low amounts. Junk silver is usually the best way to go.. However if you want to start buying a coin here and there the best way to go is snowballsilver go to my channel and then to my webpage

  8. @nashnosh I would never buy any silver from China either given it’s history of producing fakes and counterfeits.

  9. Nice stack. I dumped all my bars bigger than 10oz, too many fakes and I don’t want the worry, bigger bars are a headache. The only big silver I will buy are the kilo mint ‘coins’ like the 1-kilo Libertad& Kookaburras. I buy nothing from China whatsoever now.

  10. apmex*com is an excellent site to buy your precious metals. We all know the elitist are using and investing in precious metals. We should too!!!

  11. A prime choice for silver bullion coins with extra collector value! The Third Reich produced millions of 90% silver coins. Each Nazi 5 Reichsmark coin weighed 13.88 g and contained exactly 12.5 g of fine silver. Almost half an ounze of silver in each coin. These coins are still readily available today! And besides their inherant value as silver bullion, they are also genuine Third Reich collectables thus adding to their value!

  12. I read Michael Maloney’s book. An excellent read. I recommend anyone that’s just getting into metals read it. I gave it to my dad in hopes he will wake the hell up and start stackin some himself.

  13. @ Excidium567

    dont know if my comment was made.. so..

    i dont like ebay so do u know any online sites that are reliable?

  14. The Third Reich produced millions of 90% silver bullion coins. Each Nazi 5 Reichsmark coin weighed 13.5 g and contained exactly 12.5 g of fine silver. Almost half an ounze of silver in each coin. These coins are still readily available today!

  15. I can understand why you’d do that. I’m sticking to the one ounce bars and rounds myself. I don’t have anything bigger than a ten-ounce bar at the moment, but I may get a kilo bar just to have it for the future 😀

    Keep stacking, man. I should have an update video here in the next week after my first month is up.

  16. I’m starting to shy away from the big bars now, I’m going to hold on to the one’s I have but not going to buy anything bigger than a 10 oz from now on, I just see it being to much of a hassle trying to sell them once the price skyrockets.

  17. Online auction sites like Ebay, online bullion sellers, these are the only options for me as the nearest coin shop is a 5 hour drive.

  18. Also, maybe the price is being manipulated downward to make not cost effective to mine which satisfies the Illuminati’s desire to deindustrialize the west. Add to that the fact that so much of it is in the hands of private investors and the supply is practically non-existent! Get the picture?

  19. Gut feeling that the U.S. will establish a legal mandate that everybody turn in their precious metals to pay off the Chinese. This may be another facet of American transfer of wealth to China. Also, as Americans are taking money out of their local banks to buy metals, this will cause the smaller banks to collapse and JP Morgan and the other big banks will buy them out. These big banks are arms of the Fed. This will strengthen the Illuminati control grid. APMEX uses JP Morgan for cust. paym

  20. numismatic coins are a better choice as they have their monetary value as well as there melt value, bars value is only the metal. I only invest in coins now, no bars. A financial collapse may only leave a few shops who will accept money over a hunk of metal. Not many people own a foundry so to them its useless for industrial, medical or technological applications. Maples, liberties…etc can be used for bartering with citizens for supplies.

  21. I know how you feel, no one I know that I tell to buy silver and why has actually done it with the exception of my mother who only got 20 oz, better than none I guess.

    Spreading the word via the internet is the next best thing I suppose.

  22. Excidium567,

    I didn’t have to read a book to get to the same level of thinking as you. I have done the same thing, dumped as much money into silver as possible.

    When I tell people about the current economic climate and the looming implosion of fiat currency, they look at me like I’m fucking insane!

    Well, maybe I am, but at least I own some real wealth, not that fake paper shit.

    The self proclaimed “elite” give the sheeple paper and fake coins and keep the gold and silver for themselves.

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