Buying Precious Metals – Video Part 1 of 4

Buying Precious Metals – Video Part 1 of 4

In this video, part 1 of a 4 part series, Richard Maybury explains buying precious metals- the do’s and don’ts of buying gold, silver, and platinum including where to buy, exactly what to buy, how much to buy, and more. Richard feels you should put 10% of your net worth (minus value of your house) into precious metals – 10% or up to 20% if you are comfortable with that level of investment in the precious metals. He feels your investment in precious metals should be in the physical not in mining stocks which carry an element of risk. Richard also feels the primary source of silver coins for sale or gold coins is coin dealers. He also recommends only coins. Your precious metals investment should be broken down into 1/3 silver, 1/3 gold, 1/3 platinum. However he feels that silver offers the greatest potential so you might want to consider breaking your investment into 1/2 silver and 1/2 gold. If you want to find out more from Richard go to his web site

I would add to Richard’s recommendations if you do decide to use a coin dealer make sure you select one that you trust and who has a good reputation with its customers. As counterfeiting has become more sophisticated it has become more difficult to tell by tests like visual, weight, size, ring that once could reliably separate genuine coins from fakes. There have been instances of coin dealers either knowingly or unknowingly selling counterfeit coins. So make sure you ask them what tests they use to assure them the coins they are selling are genuine. Don’t assume if it is so called “junk silver” which are older US coins with a silver content, there is not enough money in it for someone to go to the trouble of counterfeiting. I’ve viewed several videos up on YouTube of factories in China pumping out new fake “junk silver.”

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  1. geniusmarketing08

    yeah, i try and buy silver as often as possible too. Always good to buy
    from different places and get it as cheap as possible too (not so much
    collectable stuff). Silver snowball Ive found is a great way to go. Check
    out my vid and link to see why.

  2. only if you don’t own it… if you’ve borrowed a loan to finance the
    purchase, then it’s a liability –

  3. Great vid, this is definetly something you need to know before you get into
    this market, years of bad experience have taught mes alot. Im looking for
    copper cathode sellers, please visit my channel if you are interested.

  4. @ricksmooth47 As you have stated. “discussion.” you don’t have to watch the
    damn video to listen to it. as a discussion you don’t have to watch his
    facial structure move about the video. Try taking some aderol or something
    for your ADHD, and come back when you’re ready to listen instead of finding
    reasons to not listen.

  5. I wish he would get a more educated/professional assistant. The kid’s
    naivete creates an image problem for me. (I am sure he is a nice kid, but
    his presence detracts from the nature of the seriousness of this

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