Can I plant a maple tree in Canada (I’ll explain why)?

I don’t want to keep my savings in currency because I fear inflation. I don’t want to buy Gold because I fear there is tons more Gold on Mars, making precious metals less rare than they are valued now.

I don’t want to invest in stocks or bonds because I don’t trust corporations or the faith and credit of governments these days, eh

Buying books will help to an extent, but there becomes wear and tear and also when the economy is in dire straits the price of books drops reverse to inflation.

If I buy real estate, it may become worthless if one day people live in space and there’s no demand for land on earth.

BUT….if I plant a maple tree in Canada. Then 40 years I watch it grow and then MAPLE SYRUP every spring forever…..and there we have it, I sell the maple syrup for a living into my retirement 🙂

15 thoughts on “Can I plant a maple tree in Canada (I’ll explain why)?”

  1. Questions+answers

    Thats retarded. Plant a bunch of trees in the USA and cut them down and sell them for money. Canadians don’t actually survive off of maple syrup.

  2. Hmmm Gold on mars… People in space…. Im sure none of this would happen in your lifetime so go ahead and invest in anything.

  3. LOL Go ahead if you want to but do you know that most maple syrup sold these days is artificial? And that from one tree you may get enough sap to boil down to make a bottle or two of syrup?

    You are better off starting a company to sell the mining rights on Mars.

  4. ok, well you don’t sound crazy. Also, you would have to plant multiple maple trees to make a living off harvesting maple syrup. Lastly, who would prevent you from planting trees in canada? Canada wants trees planted.

  5. Sure, come on up and plant one, but you’ll have to buy some property to plant it on. You will be paying taxes on the property while waiting for the tree to produce. How much will one tree produce? Costs of building a sugar shack, bottling, labelling etc. Shipping costs, prepaid to outer space; whew!
    On the other hand if you plant it just anywhere; by harvest time it’ll likely be bulldozed down house construction for all those new Canadians coming up from the States.

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