Chinese Silver Investing Makes Silver Bullion an Even Better Investment

Re: China encourages Silver Bullion for investment

David Morgan of talks about the per capita Chinese consumption of Silver versus that in the US. The demand in the developing nations like China is rising. David talks about the Chinese investment in silver and why this makes your investment in silver bullion first even more important. Make sure you visit David’s resource page here at
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13 thoughts on “Chinese Silver Investing Makes Silver Bullion an Even Better Investment”

  1. Con’t. My theory is that perhaps wants to control all of the available silver in the world while having their citizens foot the bill in the meantime. Why I say the meantime is that perhaps we may see through Executive order sometime down the road, that China has it’s citizens turn in their silver for “the good of patriotism” Sure they’ll be compensated, but they will now hand over the keys to the technological world to China, where we we all be at their mercy.

  2. avid, curious about your thoughts on this. I’m a very small silver investor, having about 600 Physical ounces. I’ve recently have been trying to read up as much as I can about what’s going on and I’m aware of China’s edict to it’s citizens to buy and hold silver. Now with a nation of 1.6 Billion people that could easily capture most if not all of the available silver reserves in the world. What I haven’t heard anyone talk about, and maybe it’s just my own theory is this.

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  4. I’ve read articles suggesting China has large silver reserves. I wonder if that is true.
    Great Vid David

  5. I read an article about someone in China trying to obtain actual physical silver bullion. They found it very difficult, it was easier to find gold. I think in the end he acquired some industrial silver.

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