CME,MF Global, Manipulation in Silver Market

CME,MF Global, Manipulation in Silver Market

In this video which is the third part in the series Ted Butler talks about the CME,MF Global, Manipulation in Silver Market. Ted has been studying manipulation in silver prices for years. As an experienced commodities trader, Ted first noticed the manipulation of silver years ago. Since then, he has diligently persevered to end the deliberate price-capping brought about by the concentrated short positions held by big bullion banks. Ted’s consistent pressure upon Chairman Gensler and Commissioner Chilton was instrumental in finally getting the CFTC to rule in favor of implementing position limits last month. (Even though according to some they are not enforcing the position limits they put in place)

All of us interested in the precious metals owe Ted a tremendous debt of gratitude for shining a light on this problem when many others in the sector were either ignoring it or doubting there was manipulation. But as we see now with the various manipulation scandals that are being exposed like the LIBOR rigging scandal we can see that rigging is widespread. It may be as David Morgan, the Silver Guru, says “We are living in a rigged game” David is the author of the Morgan Report available at

So I think we can thank Ted Butler for doing a lot of the early heavy lifting in raising the veil exposing the manipulation. However I can hear some of my viewers dismissing this video and saying this is old news, this video is a few years old. I think that is sometimes something these “bad actors” count on – the story will have its day and the sun and quickly fade however if we can pay enough lawyers and lobbyists we can weather this storm with minimal inconvenience.

It’s really important for all of us that are interested in the precious metals to keep the spotlight shining on this issue to keep it exposed until real action is taken enforcement takes place and the appropriate fines or criminal convictions are levied.

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  1. I always love hearing Ted Butler speak. And it’s really special when the
    interviewer is so knowledgeable and articulate, and asks the right
    questions. Great interview! Thanks.

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