18 thoughts on “Dave Morgan Interview on Gold and Silver Investing – Part 1”

  1. David Morgan shows up on Monex Videos, that means hes in Kahoots with Monex, that means you cant beliece a word he says…seriously

  2. Interesting- Silver seems like a great hedge against currency. If you are looking for an interesting company or more experts on silver check out Industry Watch a new show hosted by Radio Man Al Korelin. All new episodes can be found on Evenkeelmedia

  3. The Third Reich produced millions of 90% silver bullion coins. Each Nazi 5 Reichsmark coin weighed 13.88 g and contained exactly 12.5 g of fine silver. Almost half an ounze of silver in each coin. These coins are still readily available today! And besides their inherant value as silver bullion, they are also genuine Third Reich collectables thus adding to their value!

  4. David Morgan is one of the key people in gold and silver – tends to be right on the money over time

  5. Great Video. I’ve been accumulating silver for 2 years now and am so glad i started.

    MESSAGE ME if you’re interested in learning about a silver program I joined where I’m able to accumulate silver for free each month.

  6. An ounce of silver right now would buy a 12 pack of beer so if hyper-inflation pushed the price of a bottle of beer to $100 then silver would probably be $1200 an ounce or more.

    In your scenario… hold the 15 bucks for 5 years and it might buy a stick of gum but the ounce of silver will still buy a 12 pack of beer and pack of gum and you will get some change back.

  7. Say if the price of silver becomes $100 and oz, but due to inflation it costs $100 to buy a bottle of beer?

  8. Silver wasalways valued as money for goods and services. It was accepted worldwide as a method of payment in the market place for thousand of years. ..” people will not to buy them anyway?” …You r right!! People will not want to buy them?? ..but will accept your silver for : food ,gas ,clothes, water……

  9. Say if I didn’t buy 100 oz of silver for $1500 and 5 years from now the value of the dollar has been destroyed and people refuse to take them for payment of goods and services. Then what?

    Just ask anybody who has lived through a currency crisis such as the Weimar Republic (Germany) , Argentina, Zimbabwe, etc.

  10. say if I bought 100 oz of Silver today for $1500, and five years later the value doubles. Then what? Probably people wont have money to buy them anyway?

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