David Morgan Outlook for Precious Metals In 2015

In this interview from the Vancouver Resource Conference David Morgan talks about what he sees for silver and gold in 2015. David believes that we hit the bottom and 2015 will be a good year but not a great year for the precious metals. The increase in industrial demand for silver has been projected at 30% for the next 3 years. Although the sales of precious metal coins like the silver eagles have been at historic highs David believes that demand for the large silver bars will be needed to move the markets up. When asked about market manipulation David responded. “All markets are manipulated.” “If you are investing in the precious metals take a big picture long term view and know why you are own the metals fundamentally. All manipulated markets end in failure and this one will as well.” Ask yourself why am I buying these metals Think about it. Diversify. Take a position and hold on to it.”

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