David Morgan Predicts Silver Rise

David Morgan Predicts Silver Rise

David Morgan Predicts Silver Rise. 2016 has been a good year for gold and David believes that the gold bull market has reignited. The good returns will continue. The market has temporarily topped out but the rise in prices will continue.

Davis is asked about the FED’s policy on interest rates and what the market’s reaction to it really reveals. Have we reached the point of no return? David believes no matter how much QE or Operation Twist or any other monetary games the FED may come up with it does not fix the basic underlying structural rot. Will Japan be the first country to reach the “quantitative limits” of Quantitative Easing?

Although David Morgan Predicts Silver Rise he feels silver would need to be at $16.00 for at least 3 days and heavy volume before David Morgan feels it would indicate silver is about to take off. David believes there are extreme times in the economy and this is one of them. David believes there will be panic buying in the precious metals – precious metals stocks. Although precisely when is still an unknown.

But he feels the time will be soon. David Morgan has often said that 90% of the move occurs in the last 10% of the time. When the stock market is failing and the bond market is failing you will see a flood of money looking to invest in the precious metals.

Silver-Investor.com David’s former website has been rebranded as TheMorganReport.com to reflect both the his wider focus on resources and to have it in alignment with his newsletter, The Morgan Report.

Visit David Morgan’s Resource page here at David Morgan’s Resource Page to find out more about his newsletter, books and other services he offers.

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