David Morgan Weekly Perspective July 2017

Welcome To David Morgan’s Weekly Perspective for July 2017.

The Interconnectedness of 5 megabanks is highly dangerous to the entire US financial System.

The Setup now is almost the same as 2007 but David Morgan doesn’t see anyone coming to the rescue this time. Donald Trump wants to roll back regulations on the banks even further.

International Shipping news – Cyber attacks caused losses potentially $430 million worth of revenues could be affected. Worldwide the number of cyber attacks is increasing.

This points out one of the weakness of the cryptocurrencies that David Morgan feels has not been discussed enough. The vulnerability of Cryptocurrancies to cyber attacks.

Don’t count on pension plans for retirement. It’s becoming more and more apparent
State govenments have been among the worst in underfunding tneir pensions. Unfunded labilities

Don’t put all ow your eggs in one basket.

Diversification is the key. The closer you are to retirement the less risk you can afford.

G20 Summit security requires 20,000 police to protect world leaders.

Tensions are increasing worldwide.

The Cowspiracy video is a video that David recommends everyone watch. It talks about the problems facing the world.

Gold and silver have been under a lot of pressure.

Don’t complain about the manipulation but take advantage of the opportunities.

However there is lots of interesting news around the silver market. There are many new and intriguing industrial uses for silver. It has also been reported that for the first time in 14 years the yearly production of silver has gone down.

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