David Morgan – What’s Ahead for 2015

David Morgan was asked to be the Keynote speaker at the Red Chip Global CEO online conference and give his thoughts on what he sees for 2015. Davis sees some of the negatives that have been in the news such as Syria, the Ukraine, Russia, etc. But he also sees some opportunities in human creativity finding solutions for some of the world’s problems. He sees opportunity in health care, recycling, environmental solutions, and alternate currencies. David believes we are at the start of a huge uptrend in the precious metals. It has been said that 90% of the increase in value during a run up occurs in the last 10% of the cycle. He feels we are close to that final 10%

The smart investor needs to look at the big picture and invest widely taking advantage of the companies that have the right product, right assets and are on track to meet their goals.

The gold/silver ratio now is about 1 to 75 meaning that it takes 75 ounces of silver to equal the value of an ounce of gold. Historically the mean for that ratio has been 35 to 1. For David that means that silver today is seriously undervalued and he expects to see a tremendous rise in the price of silver to bring it more in line with the historical mean or even overshoot it and go to 20 to 1 briefly.

David shares some thoughts on how he evaluates precious metal mining companies. He evaluates the people, the money and the projects of each company. Every case is unique and if you are interested in learning more about David’s methods you can go to www.silver-investor.com. Read the free content and decide if what you really need is one of the levels of paid subscription for more in depth analysis and information.

David suggests that the best strategy for investing in precious metals is to start with the physical metal because that is the only investment without counter party risk. You can get better leverage if you invest in the precious metals equities if you know which ones to choose. But even with that advantage he still believes that starting with the physical precious metals is where you begin. For investors that want to diversify their investments into precious metal stocks he suggests subscribing to his newsletter – where we analyze the companies and pick the companies we think have the greatest potential for growth with the lowest risk.

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