Peter Schiff – Debt Bomb Crash like 1987?

Economy is headed for a recession.

The stock market went up in anticipation of all these growth policies that didn’t materialize.

Trade deficit is the highest in 6 years.

If you take out oil it is the biggest deficit ever.

You have a trade deficit and a government deficit that will push the dollar down.

The dollar is off to it’s worst start.

Dollar is going to hit a record low versus the Chinese Yuan.

Dollar was falling from 1985 -1987.

When the dollar goes down the interest rates go up.

Cost of putting on a hedge on treasuries will wipe out any chance of any profit.

If Americans doe’t want to buy Treasuries why would a foreign government?

Treasury says they are going to shrink the balance sheet. That means they have to find a buyer.

If the central bank of the US doesn’t want to buy any treasuries why would the central bank of China want to be buyers?

Why did we have the last financial crisis – because there is too much debt.

We can’t survvive a rising interest rates. Because we have so much debt!

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