Does financial gain from cap & trade explain why China suddenly stopped calling for a new reserve currency?

China has been calling loudly for a new world reserve currency for months and months. Many people don’t know because the mainstream media doesn’t report it on the front page or the evening news – you must go to the investment pages to read about it.

The last call was as recent as LAST WEEK”

“China’s Central Bank Renews Call for New World Reserve Currency”

Google for more. you will find numerous reports (weekly) about it.

then two days later …

The original title of this article was “Treasuries Advance After China Says Reserve Policy Is ‘Stable’” and it has since been changed to “U.S. Treasuries Advance Amid Quarter-End Portfolio Rebalancing “. Hmm. The content changed somewhat as well but still covers it in brief

“…Yields fell after Chinese central bank Governor Zhou Xiaochuan said his country is sticking with its foreign-currency reserve policy for now…”

WHY THE SUDDEN REVERSAL? Is it possibly because China will be a major benefactor of cap & trade?

How many of our tax dollars will go to create new jobs and new industries in China?

Consider, for example, what cap & trade does in creating demand for RARE EARTH METALS which are essential for alternative energy technology. As it stands now, we will depend on China to meet the demand to be created by C&T.

“Crunch looms for green technology as China tightens grip on rare-earth metals (May 2009)”

“China’s grip tightens on ‘green’ metals”

“… The rare-earth metal neodymium, used in electric car motors and wind turbines, is at the epicenter of the race between wealthy and emerging nations to create green technologies, while poorer countries appear to be relegated to spectator status. … Neodymium is a lanthanoid, at position 60 on the periodic table of elements for the number of atoms in a single molecule. Its production and wide range of uses reflect the competition over raw materials in the area of green technologies. … Unless production of green technologies is supported outside of China by new mining in North America, Africa and Australia, the only place to manufacture them will be China, predicts Lifton, adding that if China decides not to export those rare metals, there won’t be any other place to obtain them. … ”

For those who jump in here and claim the new industries will be created in America, I ask you: what is the incentive for corporations to develop new industries in America when they can pay slave labor wages in Asia and avoid environmental regulation? Let’s be realistic.

And considering the potential for profit to China, does its unwillingness to cap its own emissions disturb you a little and/or even give you a little pause to question the motivation behind cap & trade?

Hmmm. Maybe this explains it, in part. Hot off the press:

“IMF Board Authorizes Debut Bond Issuance to Fund Aid (Update1)”

Read the article – China is purchasing $50 billion. It seems there is no need to call for end to the dollar as reserve. The IMF activating SDRs as currency marks the final nail in the coffin for the dollar. Its only a matter of time.

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  1. Energy jobs cannot be outsourced. They are brick and mortar industries. If the utilities are going to pollute the most public of all resources, the air, they can and should pay a high tax for doing so, thus creating incentive for technologies that pollute less or are carbon neutral.

  2. You’re covering a couple of diverse issues. Cap and trade is essentially an investment scheme that enables wealthy industries to pollute at the expense of industrial development of poor countries. The idea being that the cash strapped nations will sell off their permits to pollute for cash. This creates a new market.

    As to the virtual monopoly on the rare earth metal, this gives China a key position in current “green” development. However, it is not the only avenue of development. If they get to be too outrageous other metals will be developed.

    The world financial market has at last stabilized and the Dollar is strengthening making the call for a new credit unit moot.

  3. First I’d say it is slightly funny to read that we will need to mine a rare element in order to go ‘green’ and protect the enviornment. Seems a little ironic…

    As for China, our relationship with them is so entangled that economically speaking there is no seperate policy between us. A strange coincidence since they are a communist country! China is the saver while we are the spender in this relationship. China cannot continue producing en masse if we do not buy their junk while we cannot buy anything not made cheaply without becoming insolvent, dumping our debts, and starting fresh in isolation (Of course this would be our best bet for us but not so much for the global elites).

    The Chinese problem with our currency is that they hold too much of it thanks to our joke of a trade deficit. They know that at some point the wheels are going to fall off the wagon and all of those trillions they hold will be worth 10 cents on the dollar. Since they have manipulated their own work wages to be kept low, the actual Chinese worker is in fact only getting a fraction of what he is supposed to be getting from the goods produced. The Chinese elites keep the difference. The call for the reserve currency to change is the Chinese elites trying to hedge their bets. They need to magically remove themselves from our dollar while maintaining the gigantic trade surplus. If we were to default tomorrow on our debts and the dollar crashed, the Chinese elites would find themselves with the 10 cents/dollar while the Chinese worker would be essentially robbed of not only the same amount but his own valued work as well. This is a recipe for disaster for the Chinese government.

    The current cap and trade is the US Globalists baiting the Chinese to play one more inning of a game the Chinese have already won by blow out. Continuing to play only risks an injury. The Chinese know it but are seemingly going to play anyway, greed is hard to surrender. In the end, they might figure it is inevitable that we go bankrupt and they lose much of the dollar holdings, at least this way they will be able to consolidate what used to be our industries and privately diversify their assets outside of the dollar.

    So to answer your question, yes, I am sure that selling out our workers yet again was to put some brakes on the knock out blow to the dollar. Personally, I think the Chinese elites and ‘American’ elites are in this game together for better or worse at this point. Ordinary workers will take the fall as usual.

    Either way, the dollar is only standing because the Globalists are propping it up artificially by any means necessary. The EU elites run the same gimmicks as we do currency wise but they at least still have the sence to protect their own industrial centers as much as possible. The reason is if they do not, their populace, unlike ours, will take to the streets and take them down.

    The Globalists will drop the dollar at the right moment. This cap and trade folly is simply another ride on the merry go round of screwing ordinary folks. Maybe one last time just for good measure…

  4. As China’s Cash Cow they are better off leaving us alone for now and getting what they can before they drop the hammer. IN fact, we’re probably bribing indirectly with offers of trade if they keep financing our Endless Summer!

    Still not sure what an SDR is and I’m too lazy to look it up … once it gets below 100F I’ll have more energy. (Silver Dollar Reserves?)

    It’s a mess … all I know is that we’re being sold down river for a hand basket and the Elite are going to suck every bit of tangible money out of all the world systems? Lotta good that will do when we go back to trading rocks.

    I can see a day when the people are going to create their own currency. Something near and dear and NOTHING to do with the government. It would be traded black market and dollars would be used to purchase special rocks, or whatever.

    they just keep manipulating it all about and keep jacking us … so what’s the point?

    Hmmm … I’m going to hold back and not use the “R” word here …

    Maybe next time …


    I AM

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