Dow Boom or Bust – Who Do You Trust? Video

Investing today can be very confusing. You have some financial pundits screaming that the Dow is going to soar to 31,000 you have to hop on the band wagon right now. The opportunity will evaporate with the rising sun. You have other pundits who are equally loud saying that the Dow is going to crash to 6,000. Who do you trust? Here at Ted Sudol and Paul Mladjenovic offer some reasoned advice and commentary.

If you want to look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average you can choose hundreds of sites – just google it. However most of those sites will have their own individual commentary.

If you want to just look at the Dow Jones Industrial average chart go to:

Google Dow Jones Industrial Average Chart

There is very insightful book entitled Thinking, Fast and Slow which discusses what the research tells us about how we believe we come to a conclusion versus how we actually come to conclusions. They did a study in which one group of stock investors had access to the latest information on the news, internet, radio, etc. about the stock market and world events. The investors in the first group used all of that information to come to their investing decisions. For the second investing group in the study the only information they had to go on to base their investing decisions on was price. Like me you probably thought naturally the group that had the access to more information performed better in their investment decisions. I was certainly mistaken. The group that had access to only price data performed better in their investment decisions. Why – it just didn’t seem right! What the researchers found is that too much incoming data proved to be too much “noise” that distracted investors from what was really important – price

The second interesting finding was the correlation (or lack of it) between how sure the financial pundits were about their own prognostications and how accurate they were. Turned out that the more sure they were in their own judgement and the louder they proclaimed it the less likely they were to be correct.

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