Economy is Broken – Ignore Mainstream – David Morgan

The corporate media keeps telling us the economy is growing, but don’t believe the lies. Cryptocurrencies are telling us a different story…

The Trump Tax Cut was supposed to help the economy. Reporting shows that isn’t happening. As skeptics rightly pointed out prior to the Trump giveaway most of the benefit of these corporate tax cuts go to stock buybacks that only benefit the top executives and stockholders.These corporate tax cuts further bloat already bloated executive salaries or bonuses.

Records show that 97% of the Bush corporate tax cuts went for stock buybacks. The Trump tax cut is following along the same path. So far the corporate tax cuts have gone for stock buybacks. There has been very little from these tax cuts that really we to physical improvements to the production system that would boost the economy.

Morgan also answers the question: Is there a silver shortage? Silver guru David Morgan says there hasn’t been a shortage in a decade.

Morgan is optimistic for the silver market. Silver is making a higher low than in 2015, meaning the bull market is still alive. He sees silver rising above /oz.

The movement into crypto-currencies is evidence people are losing faith in paper currencies, Morgan says. Inevitably, paper currencies will collapse, and people will search for alternatives.

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14 thoughts on “Economy is Broken – Ignore Mainstream – David Morgan”

  1. With the assholes in Bitcoin hiding inflation millions of dollars going into Bitcoin from me exchange stabilization fund to hide hyperinflation yes it will be a while for gold and silver to do anything at all we got suckered and again

  2. Be very careful about SD bullion they are not the cheapest place overall on the internet they have some good deals they do not have great deals very few things on SD bullion are good deal

  3. November 30, 2017. Another Big Smash ! 4 days in a Row. Paper Silver US$16.31 ! Self proclaimed expert Ranting Andy Hoffman (who never sleeps so that he can write Bullish pieces on Silver and Gold) since he no longer works for Miles Franklin is Bearish on Silver. Have you viewers Figure it Out Yet regarding these Channels ?

  4. Investor demand has fallen off a cliff, reportedly JP Morgan has 500,000,000 PHYSICAL oz's, and now we no longer have a silver defeceit?! I don't think we'll see silver above $25/oz in another decade or two. JP MORGAN has enough PHYSICAL metal to push the price wherever they want for decades. How is silver still a good investment?

  5. Never Feed the Roaches

    And bitcoin is dead, no a bubble. Or is it fiat. What ever, you can’t eat bitcoin, but you can spend it!

  6. Troublesomenights

    Mainstream can say anything, but it's the fed printed construction paper note that is harder to come by on the people's hand.

  7. The only answer we want is Why the physical never seems to run out of supply even though the people who sell to industry claim there are waiting times for volume large bar orders and that all small bar orders are being filled with freshly produced bars because the stockpile of bars is gone.

  8. These guys are like broken records. I wonder how they aren’t embarrassed at this point. It sounds retarded at this point

  9. Smash on Monday. Silver Flash crashes twice on Monday. Gold and paper Silver Smashed yesterday. So today lets do it again. Let give them another Smash. $16.50 an ounce for Silver !!! Very low credibility Here !

  10. November 29, 2017 another big Smash on Gold and Silver today! 30 years ago to Oct. 19, 2017. S&P 500 +2,123%. Gold +166%. Three market crashes. Gold does not preserve your Wealth !!! There is lots of physical supply as the Paper prices continue to dominate! North Korea launches missile towards Japan (geopolitical risk right?) Gold gets Smashed. Very low credibility Here!

  11. The Arabic Student

    Is David Morgan wearing eye makeup now with his hair inferiority complex? Just get old gracefully. Jeez.

  12. How is the fiat, Block Chain of Evidence, canard measured? It's value in U.S. dollars. Looks like some of the stackers, will dishoard some or all, to buy crypto. I'm looking for a PM bargain soon, 'til the crypto's implode.

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