Explosive Demand for Physical Silver From “Ranting” Andy Hoffman

Today www.preciousmetalsinvesting.com brings you “Ranting” Andy Hoffman in this SGT interview. He talks about the record sales of physical precious metals and physical silver. This tells a completely different story from the precipitous drop in the paper precious metals prices. At these low prices it of course is tough sledding for mining companies where the cost of production doesn’t allow a profit at these levels. Many can’t obtain financing and if these low prices continue many will probably go out of business. Looking at the current problems at mines like Rio Tinto and with Barrick mines he projects not only greatly diminished production in the near term but also if these problems lead to shutdowns it may take years to get some of these mines back into production. That points to extremely tight supplies in the future. Since in addition there is an industrial demand for silver necessary for many of today’s products we may face shortages that cause problems in the future.

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