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Free Gold Price App

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Free Gold Price App – Check your wealth on your Android device

I believe that accumulating physical precious metals is a long term investment and accumulation of a reliable form of wealth. You shouldn’t be focused or worried about day to day fluctuations in the “paper precious metals price” which are largely divorced from the actual physical metal prices people pay. But sometimes it is interesting to just take a quick look and see how big your pile of gold is worth at today’s “paper” precious metals prices. Here is a free android app that will allow you to easily check your stash of wealth. You can check using several different world currencies. There aren’t any reviews on Amazon. But’s free so why not try it? Just don’t get sucked into worrying about day to day fluctuations. Also remember if you accumulated coins, bars or rounds there is always a premium charged by the precious metals merchant. If you decided to sell your physical gold it will probably still net you at least a part of that premium.

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