Gerald Celente’s Top 20 Forecasts for 2020

This interview on Kitco was originally broadcast during the Christmas season 2019. Gerald Celente is interviewed and talks about he top financial forecasts for 2020.

Gerald feels the top financial story for 2020 will be global unrest caused in large part by income inequality and government corruption. You see this already happening around he globe.

Knowledge is power. People are coming to realize they have been lied to and misled by their governments and leaders. and

Money is being shoved into the repo market. It’s not going to banks.

Trump is going to do everything he can do to get reelected. Gerald forecasts real estate prices will go down in 2021.

Trump is going to do everything he can to push the economy ahead of the 2020 election.

Biden will win by defalt becau

The biggest market impact will be market disorder caused in large part by income inequality.

Gerald was asked what he personally doing to protect his wealth and he said “Gold.” 

It almost seems surreal that no one is mentioning Covid-19 and the pandemic! It seems like December 2019 was a lifetime ago. New developments are rushing at us every day. While a Black Swan event like this pandemic was almost impossible to see back in December it still is true that our financial system was precariously balenced on an enormous mound of debt and ciruitious, sketchy and financial derivatives.

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