Gold Prices Silver Prices Down – So What, Buy More: Peter Schiff

Gold Prices Silver Prices Down – So What, Buy More: Peter Schiff

In this video Greg Hunter interviews Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Precious Metals. Gold Prices Silver Prices are down Greg asks Peter what he thinks. Peter thinks talk from the Fed of stopping the billion a month money printing (QE) is preposterous. Schiff says, “They can’t do it. . . . The minute they try to take the cheap money away, the phony economy is going to crumble.” What will maintain value and is not going to crumble is the value of gold and value of silver. The precious metals are down and many precious metals investors have lost faith and are as depressed as the precious metals prices. But Schiff says, “So what, buy more. Look at the sell off as an opportunity to unload more of your fiat currency and get some real money.”

The problems in the financial systems that the various QE money printing programs did not solve any problems they just delayed the eventual collapse. By delaying a solution it has just made the eventual crash that much more severe.

Peter Schiff: Get Real Money, Gold and Silver – as the Fed Will Not Stop Printing Money

18 thoughts on “Gold Prices Silver Prices Down – So What, Buy More: Peter Schiff”

  1. Oct 31 2014: Silver is at 4 year low. $15.93. How much lower will silver
    go before it bottoms out? I have 1840 American Silver Eagles at an average
    cost of $21.77. Thank God I should not have a need to sell for a long
    time. But wow! Metals are tanking. Even Platinum hit a low at $1236.32. No
    problem there, I picked up a tube of 20 at $1313 each surcharge included.
    Bloomberg says metals have more downside in this current market with the US
    dollar and the Japanese Yen so strong.

    Silver at $10 each soon? Gold at $800? That is the talk. Economy is
    running like a well oiled machine as long as the other nations economies
    hold up thus aiding our export markets. A lot of jobs in the US depend on
    the rest of the world doing well.

  2. The Day of the Lord – Zephaniah 1:17-18
    …17I will bring distress on men So that they will walk like the blind,
    Because they have sinned against the LORD; And their blood will be poured
    out like dust And their flesh like dung. 18Neither their silver nor their
    gold Will be able to deliver them On the day of the LORD’S wrath; And all
    the earth will be devoured In the fire of His jealousy, For He will make a
    complete end, Indeed a terrifying one, Of all the inhabitants of the

    “Come to ME, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I WILL GIVE YOU
    REST,” said Jesus. Why are people letting fear drive them to buy precious
    metals that God says won’t help them at all? Your fear should drive you
    into the arms of a loving God who sent His only Son to die for you!! 

  3. Also buy an inventory of good mechanical can openers (ie: not electric)
    There will be lots of people with food in cans. Cigarettes may not be a
    good investment because there are fewer people who smoke.

  4. PissedFechtmeister

    Most people don’t own gold or silver except for a little jewelry and maybe
    some silverware. When the SHTF people aren’t going to use gold and silver
    as money because most people won’t have any. Invest in booze and
    cigarettes, the real money.

  5. Exactly! As long as the Federal Government keeps spending way beyond their
    means & racking up huge budget deficits, the smartest thing to do is get
    rid of any surplus Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) & buy real money (gold &
    silver). In 10 years, the gold & silver should still buy the same amount of
    goods as it can today, but there is no guarantee (in fact the opposite is
    likely) that the FRNs will buy the same amount of goods. Bottom line: get
    out of paper money & into gold/silver.

  6. The world population is increasing. The world is getting smaller. The
    precious metals are start to rare. Paper money isn’t gurantee. So, if
    you’ve million of money in the bank what’ll you do? Banks are paying very
    low interest & inflation is higher & higher, so, what’ll you do with your
    paper money for your future?

  7. Yeah, except for the collapse he’s been falsely predicting year after year.
    If he keep claiming it every year, he’s bound to get on right, just law of
    averages, but that doesn’t mean he’s some clairvoyant. Gold and Silver are
    now at $1200’s and $10’s for silver. You’d have made a better investment by
    putting your money on google stock than gold and silver.

  8. I was wonder why he takes worthless paper money and gives you gold ounces?
    If gold is going through the roof why get rid of it? Not saying it won’t
    happen just wondering why he is doing the opposite of what he says.

  9. There is something in human nature that seems to incline folks towards
    falling for certain types of scams. It seems to be related to the fact that
    people also tend to believe conspiracy theories even after someone has
    shown point by point that the idea is nonsense. No-one (not even you or I)
    is completely free from this effect. You have spotted this one and did the
    right thing of warning folks off but don’t be surprised when the conned
    defend the con.

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  11. Peter is an interesting political commentator. But, absolutely horrible for
    trading recommendations. He better not be “eating his own cooking”. – Does
    any of his firm’s clients have any money left at all? They certainly would
    have more than plenty of opportunity to lose it all if they listen to
    Peter’s trading advise.

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