Gold & Silver Super Bull Market Starts Now!

Gold & Silver Super Bull Market Starts Now!

Gold & Silver Super Bull Market Starts Now!

According to David Morgan the Gold & Silver Super Bull Market Starts Now! The rise in the precious metals that we see now will be rapidly accelerating as the monetary crisis builds to the breaking point.

The precious metals are up 20% so far and some believe the Gold & Silver Bull Market has already started. Some of the mining stocks are up 100 to 200 percent. Some investors are feeling they missed the opportunity. Not according to David Morgan. According to David the best is yet to come. However it does depend upon careful analysis of the companies which David Morgan focuses on in The Morgan Report. One of the factors David analyses is the management team of the companies he considers. He also considers management’s commitment to the company. Is the management team invested in their own stock? There are many other factors to consider when looking at a precious metals mining stock

David believes confidence in the monetary system is breaking down and it is at times like this that lead to a super bull market. Although confidence in the system has been breaking down over time we are reaching an acceleration point. We have just entered the third leg and we have a long way to go. The HUI indicates this volatility. What you want to see is not only rising prices but also good volume.

The Markets he feels are being manipulated however you can read the signs of those manipulation with technical analysis. However at some point the monetary problems will overwhelm the ability to manipulate the market.

All fiat money systems eventually fail. When this move really gets under way people will pile in buying cheap mining stocks. But you need to be careful. Not all mining stocks will rise. Unfortunately human nature doesn’t change that much and people will be pouring in to the mining stocks without doing the required analysis.

The rise in precious metals has lead to a lot of shady companies piling in to the market so you need to be careful.

Looking at the US dollar David sees the level of support for the dollar declining and once it goes below 94 there will be a breakdown

David Morgan is the guest in this interview:
01:05 David Morgan & The Morgan Report
07:20 Mining Shares Bull Market
10:00 Bottom Was Already In November 2015
11:50 Manipulation Visible through Technical Analysis
13:35 David Morgan’s Last Prediction was Exactly Right
14:45 Resource Stocks vs Mining; Commodities in General Not to Rise Right Now
16:50 This will Not be a Normal Bull Market in Gold & Silver
23:30 Current Status of the US Dollar, Inflation & World Reserve Currency Status
27:50 Closing Thoughts

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5 thoughts on “Gold & Silver Super Bull Market Starts Now!”

  1. Seven years from the top of silver (April 2011) is April 2018 at which silver will be worth, according to our calculations, around $70 – $75.

  2. Its too bad you couldn't have a real conversation with David about the mining shares.  You spliced your opinion on the Mining stocks at the end of the video after Davids ramblings, after Davids only point of the dollar index and never giving his opinion on buying mining stocks. Please try to get a real discussion with an interviewee about this topic.

  3. DiscoverTruth1776

    I remember seeing the near $5 swings in the silver price in 2011. We will forget what $0.25 swings will look like.

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