Did the Gold Standard Lead to the Great Depression or is that just Keynesian Claptrap?

Paul Mlajenovic, author of Precious Metals Investing For Dummies, goes on a rant about a recent article written by a financial pundit who claims the “defects” of the gold standard are what lead to the Great Depression. As Visitors to PreciousMetalsInvesting.com (and our long time fans at preciousmetalsinvesting.org) know we are are long term advocates of precious metals investing to protect you from the coming current financial problems caused by the current financial shenanigans.

The gold standard was a constraint on the government’s ability to print an unlimited amount of paper money. The unbridled printing of money results in inflation, the silent pickpocket that takes money out of your pocket day after day as the paper currency, now backed only by “the full faith of the government” is worth less and less. Precious Metals investing is investing in a real store of value whose value has been appreciating year after year.

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