Great Year for Precious Metals – Paul Mladjenovic

“I believe it will be a great year for precious metals,” says Paul Mladjenovic in an interview he gave at He went on to say'”Gold Isn’t Done Climbing.” Paul is a frequent guest here at and the author of Precious Metals Investing For Dummies.

Precious Metals Investing For Dummies

In 2016 gold was viewed more as a safe harbor investment. But with the election of Trump as president Paul goes on to say, “Gold will go from being a “safe harbor” asset to an inflation hedge.” The term safe harbor is synonymous with safe haven. This is the characteristic of precious metals to offer a safe haven investment when increased volatility makes other investments like stocks and bonds appear risky. As Trump’s pro business policies and infrastructure projects increase demand Paul expects to see increasing inflation. Gold and the precious metals will be an inflation hedge.

Although traditionally gold has had an inverse relationship with the dollar Paul feels that there is a strong chance that gold and high quality stocks have a chance of hitting new highs.

When asked about precious metal price projections Paul said he believes gold will hit $1,300 and silver will hit $25 in 2017.

Because of the increasing industrial demand for silver and the supply/demand deficit he feels there is a strong chance silver will reach $40 in 2018.

The picture is bright – “It Will be a Great Year for Precious Metals.”

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