2 thoughts on “How much money should you invest in Precious Metals like silver and gold for your portfolio?”

  1. Many experts recommend from 10 to 20% of your portfolio be invested in physical gold and silver. The percentage you invest should be somewhat guided by your belief in what the economy is going to do and your tolerance for risk. In my own portfolio I held to that 20% guideline, however if I had invested 100% in gold, with it now going for over $1300 an ounce I could have been writing this from some south sea island while I was sipping on a cool tall drink.

    Since physical metal is generally considered a safe investment if you buy it at the right price and have a secure place to store it lots of investors are putting their money in gold and silver in a flight to safety. However there are some specific tips and suggestions. I’m in the process of writing a concise targeted guide to investing in physical precious metals that I will be offering here on PreciousMetalsInvesting.org I should be finished in a week so please stop back. But feel free to ask any questions in the mean time.


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