How much should I expect to pay for silver bullion?

I know the price of silver is about $11 an ounce right now. However, I went to my local coin shop and they are asking between $17 and $20 for nearly all of their one ounce silver bullion coins. Is this overpriced or is this what I should expect to pay anywhere?

2 thoughts on “How much should I expect to pay for silver bullion?”

  1. Compare on eBay, which is higher still, then compare on

    Apmex is about as fair as I’ve seen anywhere. They have Silver American Eagles right now for $3.99 over spot. This is common for such a small quantity for coins.

    Bulk silver bullion will only be a few pennies above meltdown price (spot).

  2. Yeah the best place right now is Apmex. They have the Buffalo rounds at 13.88 today. They just got in a new 1oz silver coin for 14.88. I’ve never seen these before. Ebay is a little pricey.

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