If Bernanke was a Helicopter, Yellen is the Concorde

Bernake’s loose monetary policy that seemed to drop money from the sky earned Bernanke the nickname “Helicopter Ben.” If that makes investors worry about the stability of the dollar and increases volatility buckle your seat belt and get ready for Janet Yellen. David Morgan says you haven’t seen anything yet and says that if Bernanke was “Helicopter Ben” than Janet Yellen as a Concorde. Make sure you visit David Morgan’s Resource page here at www.preciousmetalsinvesting.com for more information and resources from David Morgan.

This interview of David Morgan took place at the 11th Annual Silver Summit in Spokane, Washington. David talks about the movement of physical gold and silver frm the west to the east where demand for buying physical precious metals like gold and silver is still very strong. David feels the opportunity is especially great in the mining stocks. When asked exactly when the change in investor sentiment for the precious metals would take place he said he didn’t know exactly would be the spark ignited the stampede to the precious metals or exactly when it would occur. However David maintains there are signs that it is beginning to occur such as the seeming loss in confidence in fiat currencies around the globe.

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