Investing In Silver?

Does anyone know a secure website that you can easily invest in Silver at? Gold is almost 1000 bucks an oz while Silver is slowly rising and around 20 bucks an oz. Investing while you can will make sure you have a future when we go into a depression which will happen the way the FED keeps printing money. But seriously, anyone know of a website they'd like to share?

By the way, if you dont want a depression, you should vote for Ron Paul. If you dont, dont blame me when the stock market crashes again and you're living off of bread and potatoes. 🙂

Thanks for the information everyone!

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  1. Gold has a big use as a hedge against inflation. Silver has industrial uses and gets consumed. While silver is sometimes regarded as "poor man's gold" they're really not substitutes.

    I don't see the importance of the price per oz. in gold being high. $1000 of value is worth $1000 whether it's 1 oz of gold or 50 oz of silver at $20, unless you feel better seeing a bigger number of ounces.

    Why buy on the web? They hold it for you, in which case you have risk of them going bankrupt or skipping, and there goes your hedge (plus they may charge safekeeping and insurance fees) or, they can send it to you, in which case you have shipping and insurance. Just go to a coins dealer. Most of them also deal in bullion and bullion coins. You can see what you're getting and take it with you.

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