2 thoughts on “Is it wise to invest in precious metals?”

  1. Hey,

    If you have no idea on the subject please do not invest in it. It is a highly profitable field but it has high risks 2. Dont get into any trading business may it be stocks, commodities, precious metals etc until u have appropriate knowledge about it

    All the best with Investing and Money making


  2. Sir, every investment has risk.
    The good thing about precious metals is that they are a great store of wealth, saves your purchasing power, and a great hedge against inflation. A silver quarter can buy you a gallon of gas 50 years ago, and it can still buy you until now (Silver as of Jan 21 = $17.50, Quarter = 1/4, Silver quarter = $4.38, Gallon of gas = $3, hey you’ve got enough change to buy you some snacks).

    If you want to invest in precious metals you better invest in “Physical” i.e. Bullion, coins, bars (I don’t recommend jewelry and numismatics because they’re just too expensive) and not ETFs, ’cause these are paper promises for some unallocated precious metals, claiming they have in stock for you but all you get is a paper contract for the price (much like a stock), don’t buy ETFs buy real gold, silver, palladium, platinum.

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