JPMorgan and Market Manipulation

For several years evidence has been gathering about the suppression of precious metal prices in the face of skyrocketing demand for the physical precious metals in places like India and China. They have recently been buying up a major chunk of what is reportedly a year’s worth of production. Evidence has been accumulating that banks and government entities that claim to have large stores of the physical precious metals may only have a tiny fraction of what they claim.

The precious metals investment community was certainly shaken when the Fed told Germany, when they asked for their gold back, that they needed to wait 7 years to get it back. (Remember it’s all supposedly tucked away safely in Fed vaults)

What’s that? Say that again! It will take the Fed 7 years to return another government’s property they stored with them for safekeeping? This is 2014 – planes cross the ocean in hours, ships take several days, FedEx has next day delivery. I’m sure if the Fed told Germany they could get their gold tomorrow Germany could arrange transportation the day after. They only reason I can think of that it would take seven years is because the Fed doesn’t have it. If they have another explanation I’m willing to hear it along with insistence for the first independent audit of Fort Knox and the Fed vaults in a long time.

One of the leading investigators into the manipulation of the precious metals market is Ted Butler.

In his post 2013 – The Year of JPMorgan Ted details some of the suspicious moves by JPMorgan that just appear to be much more than mere coincidence. Everyone who is interested in the precious metals and investing should read this article and go to Ted’s site SilverSeek

According to Ted Butler the price moves in the market took place over such a short time span, about five trading days, and the movements don’t seem like they were driven normal market forces.

With Ted’s calculation that JPMorgan stood to profit by 3 Billion Dollars their motivation is not hard to figure out.

One puzzling aspect is how come JPMorgan has been given a free pass to flout the COMEX regulations that are supposed to limit the amount of contracts any one can take and hold in any one month. That regulation is designed to limit the power any one entity has to warp the market. But JPMorgan has been able to flout the regulations without the Comex objecting. Why? Could it be that they both profit while the average silver investor gets savaged and more wealth gets transferred to the super rich (and super connected). If you would like to read more about this fatal trap of Wall Street Lobbists, high priced lawyers and outgunned regulatory agencies that are supposed to protect us read “Angry Bart Takes his Parting Shot” This article, which appeared on is about Bart Chilton, a member of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, one of the financial industry’s most important regulators. After 6.5 years on the commission and 30 years in Washington politics he is leaving. As an insider on the commission he had a front row seat and his message for the future is bleak

But Ted tells this sordid tale better than I. He’s been following this much longer than I have and has uncovered the research to back up his claims. I would urge you all to go to 2013 – The Year of JPMorgan and read the full article.

What’s in store for the precious metals for 2014. Well having profited from driving the precious metals down in price JPMorgan has now switched tactics and is furiously buying up physical precious metals on the cheap. It’s a perfect game as long as you are the one who is rigging it.

The chances of getting any of our politicians to take action is slim to none. Now that corporations have been declared “persons” by the conservative court and tons of money are to be had for the politician listening to Wall Street Lobbyists maybe even the dream of democracy is slipping away under the corporatization of the government.

So the best course of action I can see if you believe this chain of events, in light of JPMorgan’s decision to start buying is to follow their example. Follow the example of India and start buying. Follow the example of China and start buying.

There are some pundits that have recently proclaimed that gold is going to $700. You can believe that if you want and place your vote (and your money that way) But as for me personally I’ll be placing my bets with JPMorgan, India and China and picking up some precious metals bargains now.

As always consult with your financial adviser before making any investment. All investments, including precious metals carry the risk of a significant loss of capital.

I converted my IRA to a precious metals IRA earlier this year. It was a two week search to find the 4 required entities that would both work together and meet my standards. There are some vitally important differences and questions about the type of account, storage, business separation of the different parties, etc. that you need to have answered before you proceed. Within a few weeks I’ll be completing a video course on how to set it up and offering it here on

Even after doing my due diligence the metals took their dive this year and I saw the value of my IRA sink significantly. I wasn’t worried because an IRA is a long term investment. But, as one who is involved in precious metals I admit the sector is volatile and the ride can be bumpy. In short, if you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.

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