Mail Changes and a Little House Keeping

Mail Changes and a Little House Keeping

Several weeks ago the email email company I have been using to deliver this newsletter to you, Mandrill, announced they were merging with Mail Chimp. So there are some mail changes and a little house keeping required by to insure that the emails would continue to be delivered in a reliable fashion.

Yesterday I sent out the first newsletter via Mail Chimp and noticed a difference in the way it was delivered in Gmail. In the past the newsletters were always routed to the Gmail primary folder. Now they are being routed to the Gmail promotions folder. So if you don’t see your Precious Metals Investing Newsletter where you expected it check your promotions folder.

It’s easy to change the Gmail routing to make sure it goes into your primary folder. If you don’t see it in your primary folder, go to the promotions folder. Click on the email and drag it up to the primary folder tab at the top of the page and drop it there. You will get a gmail message asking if you want to add just this email to your primary folder or all future messages from to your primary folder. Just click all and you will be getting all of the Latest Profitable tips from the Precious Metals Experts delivered to your primary Gmail folder.

The Precious Metals Buying Guide has been extensively revised and all subscribers will be receiving their free copy. The merger of mail companies is supposed to take place April 27, 2016. I just wanted to wait until the merger is completed and I’m assured of smooth delivery before sending the Free copy of the buying guide out to all subscribers. So expect it at the end of April. Thanks for your patience and your help.

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