Opinion On Precious Metal Investing?

What is your opinion on investing in precious metals mutual funds such as in gold and silver. I think precious metals will grow long term and also short term. I recently invested $1000 into the RBC Global Precious Metal Fund just want your opinion on where you think it is headed. It is a risky investment but even if it takes a big loss like 20% its only $200 and I’m only 19 so I have a long term time period. Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “Opinion On Precious Metal Investing?”

  1. get physical gold and silver in your physical possession not this ETF and shares of paper gold . There is many times gold being sold in shares than exists in physical form. The market is going to blow up with all this gold that does not exist.

    read kitco forums.

  2. Good idea. I would hold it for the long-term. The US dollar is likely to fall some more, so gold will be more expensive in terms of our American dollars. I would not put all my eggs in one basket, that is, don’t invest exclusively in gold. Consider investing in the US stock market too. It will likely go up. Once inflation becomes very bad, businesses will fail, and that’s when you don’t want to be invested in the stock market. But right now it’s all good. A big ship takes a long time to sink.

    Comment: physical gold is more expensive than the ETF. I went to the flea market the other day, and this gold trader said he doesn’t have any gold, because people buy them immediately. People buy gold like crazy. He use to sell them 25% higher than the spot price, and people still buy up all his gold.

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