Precious Metals – Cutting Through Confusion

Precious Metals

– Cutting Through the Confusion

With all of the economic headlines and prognosticators screaming the headline of the minute it’s enough to make your head swim. Too much information, rather than helping us sometimes is just throwing up so much smoke it’s confusing. Rather than bringing clarity it just’s just additional distraction away from what is important.

Today at Ted Sudol talks with Paul Mladjenovic about precious metals and the big picture. Paul is the author of Precious Metals Investing For Dummies, Stock Investing for Dummies, and High Level Investing For Dummies.

Precious metals have been in a tough market for a while. We assumed the bear market would not last as long as it did. But we firmly believe that the precious metals are headed on their way up. So far in 2016 gold and silver are up in 2016 while the stock market performance in the first quarter of this year has been dreadful.

Precious metals and precious metals investments should be a part of the diversification of your portfolio.

Remember that gold etf’s, gold stocks, etc are still just paper carrying counter party risk. It’s important that part of your diversification should be in hard assets – the physical precious metals.

The Precious Metals Investing podcast is now on iTunes. Use this link: Precious Metals Investing iTunes listing

If you want to find out more about Paul Mladjenovic and the products and services he offers please go to his resource page here on this web site.

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