Precious Metals Investing and 100 Trillion Dollars

Great review of Precious Metals Investing For Dummies. The Reviewer also has great things to say about You can click on the link to view the episode.

He has a 100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwae bill, 5 Million Dollar bill and a 50 Million dollar bill from the Third Reich and uses them to contrast their value, which today is zero, with a silver eagle which still holds it value.

The unbridled money printing of money by governments throughout history has lead to hyperinflation and the inflated numerical value printed on these past failed fiat currencies. Despite the bill saying it is 100 billion dollars or millions of dollars they won’t purchase anything in real terms. I think it took either millions or trillions of dollars in these fiat currencies even to purchase a loaf of bread before they totally collapsed.

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26 thoughts on “Precious Metals Investing and 100 Trillion Dollars”

  1. 10:51 that guy is Karadjordje – leader of 1st Serbian Revolution in 1804,
    and thats Jugoslavija’s currency, or Serbian currency now, but back then
    Jugoslavija was something like united countries [6 i think] and it’s
    Eastern Europe, Balkan.

  2. Gold isn’t good to invest in as of now, the price is so inflated compared
    to 8-15 years ago. Silver is also going up to the point where it may not be
    profitable in the long run, I heard copper is the next metal that will
    increase substantially.

  3. You can invest in the GLD or SLV which correlates to the physical price of
    Gold/Silver. It’s less risky (IMHO) than relying on a company which can
    have “accounting” issues etc… Plus you don’t have to worry about someone
    breaking in your house since you’re not storing the physical metal.

  4. Ther german one isn’t from the third reich, it’s form the “Weimarer
    republic” – the years between WW1 and the nazis. government started to
    finance the debt caused by WW1 and the war reparations afterwards by
    printing money.

  5. Jeff: I wonder if the gov’t will someday seize the peoples fortunes such as
    metals, food storage, as we see them now attempting to take our means of
    defense…I would love to see US currency backed by real gold and silver, I
    believe this would help our country greatly, etc. etc. etc….

  6. thats the point you need money to invest in anything, say you dont have
    that much so you invest in 1 ozt, then the price goes up $5, you just made
    $5 assuming you bought and sell for spot…

  7. I have never lost, the only way to lose money is to sell for less than yuou
    bought for, metals are a long term investment, I made $2000 when I 1st
    invested thats what got me the house Im in now

  8. You should really, really become an educator. You explain things extremely
    well. You make the information clear to understand, I love that. If you
    plan on going back to school, become a teacher man. We need more people
    life you.

  9. Well the government has already made it illegal to own a certain amount of
    gold. 🙂 That ban has been lifted obviously, but it has happened within
    some folks lifetimes… not mine because I am way too young.

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