Price of Precious Metals Trumps Politics

Despite what many analysts say the Price of Precious Metals Trumps Politics.

With today’s 24 hour a day 7 day a week news cycle sometimes investment analysts are buffeted about by the latest news. But in many cases it is like trying to read tea leaves. They try to make the reason for what is happening in the markets into the political news of the day.

Private investors showed the strongest demand for gold in five years. That boosted gold prices to the highest levels seen for a while. But that run in Gold Investing ended in April.

Many professional investors, hedge funds trading futures and options contracts acted like April threatened World War 3,

However for individual investors price beat politics in the physical market, and private investors chose overall to take profit and wait for a pullback in gold bullion last month. Isn’t that the way investors are supposed to react. Take profits on highs when you believe the prices are high but are likely to come down and you will have an opportunity to buy again at low prices. Buy low, sell high. Isn’t that what we all should be doing?

That reminds me of a chapter in the book [easyazon_link identifier=”0618620117″ locale=”US” tag=”profitnow-20″]How We Decide[/easyazon_link] They did several studies of investment advisers and their results. What the found was the investment result from advisers who had their desk surrounded by monitors screaming the latest news and analysis and tons of the latest information actually were distracted from the information that mattered most. Their results were bested by advisers and investors who simply focused on one factor – PRICE.
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You can read the full article Price trumps Politics by clicking here.

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