Rich Dad Buying and Investing in Silver Bullion – Protect Against Inflation w/ Silver Part 1/2 – Buy Silver Bullion Bars – Watch the full video! Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki, explains why silver is the biggest opportunity of them all (bigger than real estate) and why everyone should buy silver bullion bars and silver bullion coins. Read more on investment guides, tips and news at – Silver Bullion Bars The American silver eagle is the official bullion coin of the united states, and was first minted by the united states mint in 1986. It is minted only in 1 troy oz (ounce) .999 fine silver rounds, Silver eagles are in very high demand in these uncertain economic times so start your silver snowball rolling today to start receiving your very own residual income of silver eagle coins, Don’t wait until it’s to late – get in while silver is still affordable!

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