Richard Maybury of EWR – War and How To Profit

Richard Maybury of EWR – War and How to Profit

On www.preciousmetalsinvesting.comm Ted Sudol interviews Richard Maybury. Richard is the author of the Uncle Eric series of books. His US and World Early Warning Report (often just called Early Warning Report or EWR) focuses on geopolitical analysis and has been guiding his subscribers to profit. We discuss the Hidden Extent of War and How to Profit.

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Today we discuss the “Hidden Extent of War” I don’t think anyone realized all those years ago when President Bush announced “mission accomplished” after a few days of bombing we would still be fighting in Iraq in 2016. I don’t think anyone, the politicians that involved us included, all of the billions of dollars we would spend, thousands of lives lost on both sides, permanently disabled soldiers who needed and deserved to be cared and continuing turmoil with no resolution in sight.

Richard views the world through the prism of empire building. The United States has intervened in wars that extended back to 64 B.C. Western governments have been trying to conquer the Muslims and the Muslims have been trying to make them go away. The US is meddling in wars that have been fought for thousands of years without having reached a solution.

On of the images Richard uses to describe the US meddling against the Muslims is “poking rattlesnakes with sticks.” The problem is that the average US citizen is not aware of all of the times the US has “poked the rattlesnakes with a stick” by installing dictators around the world, intervening in wars we have no business in, and otherwise trying to tell others around the world how they should live. The only thing the average US citizen notices is when they strike back.

Every time we send over troops or kill people and their families with drones we create more enemies for the US who then look to join groups who are willing to fight against the US. Then the average citizen can’t comprehend why they are against us. Their are more than 40 cases of the US overthrowing Latin American governments.

Americans have not been told anything about this history of imperialism that has been running the geopolitics for thousands of years.

There are two things that we can depend upon from the government – war and currency debasement. Governments need to debase the currency to pay for the wars they are involved in.

Because we can count on the governments for these two things we can use this to guide our investing. Richard says, “I can’t see anything but good times ahead over the long term for the precious metals – gold, silver and platinum. The precious metals are a crisis hedge that people go to when governments wreck their economy and I can’t see any other outcome from this war.” One of the most important things people can do is invest in the precious metals.

People get the government they deserve and are willing to work for. We discuss the part the media play in the current world view held by most citizens.

Politics is a corrupting force and we discuss what roll the average citizen should play since politicians take your vote as a mandate for their policies.

Richard Maybury’s newsletter The US and World Early Waring Report has been helping your readers to profit from your geopolitical analysis. For more information on the books and services Richard offers please go to Richar Maybury Resource Page. To Find out more about the Early Warning Report you can go to Richard’s website Early Warning Report

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