Robert Kiyosaki Recommends Silver Bullion

Robert Kiyosaki Recommends Silver Bullion

Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad fame, strongly recommends people invest in silver as governments continue to print fiat currency. Don’t we all wish that silver was still selling for about $20 an ounce. Those days are gone but the conditions that led Robert to his recommendation to buy silver bullion are still the same. The US government is still printing money, they just euphemistically call it “quantitative easing.” That continues to erode the value of the dollar and makes our trading partners who have been accepting US dollars as the world’s reserve currency, more and more nervous as they see the value of their store of dollars being eroded.

So the conditions that lead Robert Kiyosaki to recommend purchasing silver are even more true today. It also may be true that because of printing more dollars, the increasingly dire financial situation in Europe, and the pending legal action against the market manipulation that has been keeping the price of precious metals down we may be even closer to a spectacular rise in silver prices and gold prices.

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7 thoughts on “Robert Kiyosaki Recommends Silver Bullion”

  1. XxMusashiYamatoxX

    should I buy more silver? I have like $9000 worth. Thanks.

    And thanks for posting these vids btw.

  2. SilverHurricane2970

    Absolutely. Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, oil, gas-commodities which hold inherent value are a good investment.

    I strongly recommend people invest in silver bullion-with the base rate at 0.5 it is far better than leaving your cash in a savings account and earning 4% interest (if you’re lucky!)

  3. SilverHurricane2970

    Precious metals are one of the KEY investments that perform well during deflationary depression. Go to the website on my profile and begin acquiring silver today at just $36.50 with the opportunity to easily earn as many free US Silver Eagle coins as you need for the same price!

    Any questions please ask-I’m here to help!

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