Silver: A Sensible Survival Investment

Silver is a Sensible Survival investment in this economic and political climate. Precious metals are an excellent hedge of protection to your portfolio.

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25 thoughts on “Silver: A Sensible Survival Investment”

  1. Interesting- Silver seems like a great hedge against currency. If you are looking for an interesting company or more experts on silver check out Industry Watch a new show hosted by Radio Man Al Korelin. All new episodes can be found on Evenkeelmedia

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  5. Andrew Maguire interview on King World News, does this now change how silver is now invested and viewed now?

  6. The Third Reich produced millions of 90% silver bullion coins. Each Nazi 5 Reichsmark coin weighed 13.88 g and contained exactly 12.5 g of fine silver. Almost half an ounze of silver in each coin. These coins are still readily available today! And besides their inherant value as silver bullion, they are also genuine Third Reich collectables thus adding to their value!

  7. Very sound advice. If you can afford it I would choose gold over silver. A heavy chain or large bracelet 18K or higher is a great investment and can be found for very reasonable prices at your local pawn shop. Great reviews and advice, appreciate the time you put into them.

  8. @movement26 I agree. Food and water are the priority in an emergency or crisis. And I also have a stock of shelf stable food, but having SIlver/Gold protects your wealth. I converted a portion of my stocks to silver right before the bust and I’m glad I did. We should all diversify our preparations because no one knows what will happen tomorrow. Thanks~.

  9. Silver may be a sound investment,but if the shit hits the fan, things go scarce real fast. I just bought a 1000 cans of baked beans and 1000 vegetable soup cost me £ 300 wholesale. which is about $480……….If the shelves go empty I would rather be surrounded by food than piles of metal……….remember the feds won’t tell you when there is going to be a food shortage, 48 hours and its gone.

  10. “…Peruvian mines were discovered in South America, the supply of silver created inflation. You heard me inflation… There was gold inflation during the gold rush…”

    I’d take my chances over a finite natural resource and a Federal Reserve computer screen anyday. That Peruvian inflation you mention cannot be compared to the trillions of dollars and other fiat currencies that are printed on a daily basis. Look at your history books. Histroy is very unkind to fiat currencies.

  11. I don’t clean any coins. If you ever need to resell coins the buyer can use it as an excuse to pay less. I had a friend that recently cleaned a Morgan Dollar and a dealer used it as an excuse to offer him $6 because it was cleaned….. way below what was acceptable. Thanks~

  12. I read that in the old days,Americans put silver coins in containers of milk to fight of bacteria and extend the life of the milk.

  13. You guys should look like money mechanics on Youtube, or find the book on the internet in PDF format. It shows how money is created. It shows what happens to money when it is lent out, and what happens to money when a debt is paid back. If a private bank controls the issuance of money, they can destroy people by inflation and deflation. We are now in a deflatonary cycle. This is the harvesting period for banks.

  14. Silver will be good if the economy totally collapses. This is a big if. There has been a time in history when silver was almost worthless. When the Peruvian mines were discovered in South America, the supply of silver created inflation. You heard me inflation. This was during the 17th century. There was gold inflation during the gold rush in South Africa, and the American west. The Federal Reserve can make the price of gold and silver drop.

  15. go and find a way to make some more money then convert it into this real money. these precious metals will always have value and can never go to zero unlike the currency that is suppose to be money. The paper is all its worth in the US that would be about what the Feds pay for the paper, about 1.2 cents per bill. It can go to zero. So my advise is to find a way to come up with your cut or you will be left out of the greatest transfer of wealth in the worlds history. Peace. keep stackin

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