Silver Art Bars: an Enjoyable Way to Make Money With Silver Bullion

Have you thought about collecting silver art bars? Although these seem to be on the low end of the totem pole when it comes to collecting, selling these designed silver bars is an easy, fun way to make some money. They fall into a kind of “antique” category, which many people love.

Usually made of .999 pure silver, these miniature art pieces first appeared in 1968 and were manufactured by the Foster Company. Many of these bars were melted down into silver bars. It seems the most popular way to make money with these are through auction sites, such as Ebay.

These bars vary in worth, depending on mintage and popularity. For example, a bar that has a mintage of only 20 or 30 pieces will bring more than one with a mintage of 20,000. Many people like to buy simply because of design, so selling prices can vary greatly.

Silver Art Bars are popular with many collectors, simply because they feel that if they have a choice between a “plain” silver bar and a bar with a design for the same price, they will choose design. Many people collect these bars for the simple fact that they like them, and not as a way to add financial security.

If you are a collector of silver coins, bars or bullion, you may want to consider adding a few of these to your collection. Having a variety of gold and silver is a good idea, and different people like different things. Since they are .999 pure silver, they are a good investment choice.

Should you decide you want to sell these instead of collect them, it’s a good way to make some money, especially if you have quite a few. Many people sell them on Ebay at a good profit, and doing this on a regular basis can add significantly to your income.

Whether you just want to add to your silver collection or are looking for a way to make some “instant income” with online auctions, investing in silver bars is an intelligent choice. Add Silver Art Bars to your selection, and see how much fun these antique looking little bars can be!

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