Silver Investing in a Nutshell (Part 2 of 2)

BULLIONBOURSE.COM is a proud sponsor of this Channel BUY Gold online I have dealt with Ben from on many occasions and highly recommend their fast service, quality metals and low spreads. In this video I re-cap everything I have discussed over the last year in regards to Silver investing. Why Silver is THE investment of a lifetime.

25 thoughts on “Silver Investing in a Nutshell (Part 2 of 2)”

  1. @ehswan In 2020 it would be probably double the value of today (around $16 per troy ounce)

    Don’t sell when the silver issue comes up because there will be a 2 decade buffer period where silver stackers offload.

    Although silver would be mine to extinction, there will still be a mountain of unused silver hoarded up.

    If you buy silver today, wait until about 3 decades from now to unload. If you do, you could pull about $400 per ounce

  2. John don’t forget that the silver gold ration was for the longest time 15 to 1 but when gold became the “money metal” for the most of the 20th century the ration was 20 or 30 to one. However if you look at the amount of gold to silver mined every year the ration is less than 10 to 1. about 700 million silver ounces to 80 million ounces of gold mind every year. That to me is the true ratio and the way we are using silver with above ground inventories, silver should be priced at worse 5 to 1.

  3. According to the “Oil Drum” the USGS (UNITED STATES GEOLOGICAL SURVEY) claims that silver will be the element on the periodic table to go EXTINCT circa 2020!! If that is true what would it be worth???

  4. Someone said on youtube it will go higher than gold….. all the way up to $10,000 per ounce! What do you recon…. will I be a millionare? We can dream can’t we?

  5. Well shizzle my nizzle!. I never, ever would have thought of that aspect. When you put it into proper prespective, it really doesnt have the influence I thought it might. Ur not a Mensa member r u?… for ur response and support…ur a good man

  6. also – one thing denninger doesnt see is that nations around the world are actually LONG the dollar by holding them.

    The USD’s held around the world by central banks FAR outweighs the 500 odd billion or so supposedly in the carry trade.

    traders are short the dollar, the rest of the world is still LONG the dollar.

  7. Sorry folks, you have been had, peed on, scammed and lied to.
    WallStreet is rigged and bailouts a fraud, market manipulations,
    high freqency trading, flash orders, naked short selling, on and on.
    Goldman and Govt are in bed, they set the rules to benefit the few.
    Jobs been exported, your labor devalued to Zero to screw you into debt.
    Get ready, walk away from your CC cards and mortgage. FICO scores are a
    scam to enslave you and keep you in debt. Break away don’t be a sheeple
    Protect Yourself

  8. Funny…I ended up watching this vid twice to respond….so I guess I have to rate it 5 two times in a row….lol…This really is one of your better vids by the way and thanks for your response.

  9. I recently watched a presentation by Karl Denninger (Which I thought was pretty good by the way) who claims that Gold will get “Smashed” by the unwinding of the dollar carry trade. I have always had more faith in silver, but does anyone feel he is wrong….and why? Or is silver not affected by this unwinding? Great vid as usual…Thanks!!

  10. @cadbchristensen – Yes.
    When they stop shorting, you’ll know about it.
    Do a search of john’s videos and you’ll get a fair understanding of how much effect the shorting has on the price.

  11. as for bendy screens, there are plastic transistors and circuits so they bend much better than silver, as it can still have metal fatigue whereas the plastic has elastic properties silver and gold do not. and it’s cheaper.

  12. betting on silver’s value as a conductor is not a great bet, while not a bad one either. Gold does perform very well and carbon nanofibres are becoming easier to make into conductive circuits. The importance of that is the maximum amperage they can take would vaporize gold or silver, they are that good.

  13. $431 for 6 month rego!!! ROFL. im in victoria and we pay $300 for 6 month rego and since i have a concession card i ended up paying $260. just payed it the other day

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