Silver Investor Profit – Demand Exceeds Supply

Silver demand has been exceeding demand for 16 years. You’ve heard Paul Mladjenovic, author of Precious Metals Investing For Dummies and I talk about the new industrial uses for silver. Silver is used in cell phones, electronic smart devices, RFID tags and medical uses as an antibacterial agent. These industrial uses consume silver. So the silver is gone and more has to be found to meet the industrial demand. For the last 16 years the world has been drawing down its above ground supply of silver as the demand exceeded the amount being mined. Further fueling the demand for silver is the global population of a growing middle class in countries like India and China who are demanding these silver consuming electronic devices. You can contrast this with gold where studies say that 98% of all of the gold mined throughout history is still available in either coins, artifacts, jewelry or held by various central banks to support their paper fiat currency systems.

This video is a compilation of short clips from other recognized silver experts who we follow and who’s judgment we respect telling the same story of silver demand exceeding supply. The strategy and information found here at is paying off for our readers who are invested for the long term. Precious Metals Investing is a great strategy for diversifying your investment portfolio. Consult with your financial planner to decide what investment mix is right for you. Click on the book image below to get your copy of Precious Metals Investing For Dummies. It’s also available in a Kindle edition so you can download it instantly.

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David Morgan, another world recognized expert on silver was a featured speakers at Paul’s Financial Vortex conference. He is a silver expert we trust to give the straight scoop on silver.
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